About Us

Who We Are

Do you now Uganda is a landlocked country? Its geographical location makes it an ideal place to welcome humanitarian guests. Moreover, it gives it the leverage to provide all the necessary support, both humanitarian and financial.

Beacon of Hope is a philanthropic organization linking volunteers to consistent profit and non-profit businesses.

Are you passionate about voluntary work?

Are you jobless and want to do something worthwhile with your time?

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to work in the remote villages of Uganda? If yes, then talk to us.

Our Mission Statement and Vision

To link professionals and career builders to relevant organizations to add value in a bid to reduce the unemployment rate, increase the workforce, and improves people’s standards of living. Our systems support broad social networking as well as give you meaning in life.

We envision a globe where every professional make good use of their passion, knowledge, and talent irrespective of their race, status, and age.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to train and link volunteers to established organizations and corporates in a bid to offer “free” services. 

Our areas of focus

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Governance

Why volunteer?

Getting time to volunteer is an uphill task. However, the few hours you dedicate to help a soul benefits you – the volunteer- and the organization in equal measure.

It’s not all about financial support.

Giving someone a listening ear plays a significant role in their lives. The social networks and the emotional boost it possesses are vital to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety.

Let’s have an in-depth look at the reasons why you should try your hand in voluntary work.

Broadens your social networks

Uganda is a country with profound culture. The remotely located organization exposes you to the deep-rooted customs and traditions. Its ambiance to international guests exposes you to other religious and cultural affiliations to broaden your level of civilization. The social interactions from other volunteers – from different parts of the world- give you the chance to make essential contacts ideal for your career growth.

You never know who loves your services; the voluntary work might be a stepping stone to your dream job.

Counteract negative emotions

Naturally, you need to engage in meaningful activity as your pass time. It helps to counter the effects of bitterness, anger, and stress-related emotions. While out there, you interact as you learn new ideas and skills. It might be the beginning of an international brand- a single exposure.

Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety

The overwhelming support system that comes with social networks reduces the level of stress and depression. The sharing in both formal and informal set up equips you with vital problem-solving skills you can customize to handle your life challenges.

Improves your mood

The pleasure and satisfaction that comes with the fact that you engage in a meaningful activity naturally stimulate the production of happiness hormones. It is human nature to derive pleasure in giving back to society or instead of making an impact on one’s life.

Boosts your confidence

How do you feel when you know your skills positively impact society? The sense of self-accomplishment is your source of identity and pride. The feel-good attitude boosts your self-esteem and confidence. Our volunteers always take a leading role in any assignment without fear of uncertainty.

Gives you a purpose in life

What do you do with your free time as a senior citizen or when unemployed or a youth? Instead of wallowing in pity about your situation or staying idle, why not find something meaningful to do?

Visit our website for any relevant opportunities that fit your skills and schedule. It’s not the time to look at the financial reward but the emotional return that comes with finding your purpose in life.

Voluntary work aid in promoting mental acuity as well as improve your physical health. The fact that you have a schedule and someone somewhere looks upon you for support gives you meaning in life. Why do people have suicidal thoughts? It’s simple, the state of hopelessness.

Who can volunteer?

As long as you are in line with the Ugandan government policy on employment, you attained the adult age- 18 years and have a national identity card or a work permit for international volunteers; then, you are at liberty to join the program. The old, youth, unemployed, people living with disabilities all have an equal chance to take advantage of the available volunteer opportunities.

Beacon of Hope, just as the name suggests, acts as an equal opportunity employer. It has no limits in terms of age, race, or tribe in voluntary work. The overwhelming support from government agencies, civil society organizations, and sponsors proves its relevance in making the world a better place. Why not try your hand in this exciting opportunity?