Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda!

If you are interested in volunteering in Uganda, we assume you have already been through the project pages and familiarized yourself with our programs.  As you have seen, there are many hands on projects.  This letter will help you through the process of making that decision to fill out an application and come to work in the beautiful Ugandan countryside with very grateful communities.

Presently, Beacon of Hope Uganda is a mainly volunteer run organization.  Many of the Volunteer programs Beacon of Hope Uganda operates are designed around the length of time a person might stay on as a volunteer.  There is room for both long and short-term volunteers to run workshops and work on other projects.

Beacon of Hope Uganda is aware of the many Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda that exist and wants to make your decision to come to Uganda as straightforward and painless as possible.  Many non-profits running on volunteer time and effort leave many questions unanswered, and the process of making that decision is harder than it should be.  BoHU intends to make as much information possible on the front end in an attempt to make this a more transparent process.

There is a lot of room for independence and decision-making when you volunteer in Uganda with BoHU.  While Beacon of Hope Uganda has set up specific subjects in its programs for implementation, BoHU answers to its community and is able to change as the community’s needs change.  This enables you, as a volunteer working in the field, to be the eyes and ears of Beacon of Hope Uganda.  As we design your program, you have the freedom to react as you see fit.

Beacon of Hope Uganda assumes you will have extensive knowledge on the subjects you wish to create workshops on or projects you wish to participate in.  This is something that we will confirm as we go through the application process with each other.  What we need over and above your valuable knowledge is that you as an individual are able to act with a high degree of responsibility, independence and that you are by nature a proactive person.  We already know by firsthand experience that most people willing to volunteer possess these traits.

You can also correspond with our past volunteers, if you ask to.

Thank you for choosing Beacon of Hope Uganda

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