Beacon of Hope Uganda provides volunteers with meaningful volunteering opportunities. Our volunteer programs include one week to 24 weeks volunteer work placements all year round. BoHU Volunteers enjoy an extremely unique experience not only in the work they do but also in the atmosphere they live in.

Beacon of Hope Uganda was chosen by Travellers Quest as the best provider of low cost, safe and reliable volunteering opportunities in Uganda.

Enjoy a stimulating and provoking experience by volunteering on one of our projects. The program enables you to absorb the fascinating Ugandan culture whilst sharing your knowledge and skills with the country. The projects will provide an unforgettable eye opening experience for a gap year, vacation, spring break or career break for groups and individual travelers.

Our Volunteer Program is an immersion program customized for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups, or anyone with the desire to serve in rural villages in Uganda. The time you spend volunteering, your destination, and the projects in which you will be involved are all geared to your skills and interests, and the community’s needs.

One of the biggest differences you will notice at the end will not be external but will be the difference inside of yourself. Most importantly, you will be changed forever because you will have a greater understanding of another culture, you will challenge your personal limits, and you will develop friendships.

Volunteering opportunities in Uganda offered by BoHU requires flexibility, patience; those who are self-starters, and people who genuinely respect the host people and their culture. Volunteers never come here to teach the people western ways, nor are here to save the people. Volunteers come to share their energy and time with the people, to experience their culture first hand and to grow themselves.

You may learn a new language, a new culture, and a new way of life. Flexibility and patience are the keys to having a satisfying experience.

Volunteers Needed for Projects in Uganda

English Teaching Volunteers for community schools

Our schools are in need of native English speakers to come teach English, and in return you’ll get an experience like no other. By volunteering as an English teacher in Uganda, you’ll help fill the gap and you will truly help local students. Living in a rural village will immerse you in traditional Ugandan life and culture, an experience completely different from the normal tourist trip. It’s such a unique chance to connect with children and members of the local community.

Children Support Volunteers

We are running children’s support center and we are looking for people who love kids to come and help out. You’ll be rewarded with the smiles of children and knowing you have helped make a difference. You will be working with disabled children and children with learning difficulties to help assist their learning and improve their general learning environment. If you’re into your sports, then sports coaching (any sport) may be a great idea. You can work with enthusiastic children to teach them the skills to play the game. You can be supported by skilled teachers and learn something yourself too!

Medical Volunteers for a community clinic

If are you a medical professional or student looking for a meaningful volunteering opportunity in Uganda, then get hands-on medical experience at our community clinic or regional hospital. This opportunity is for Pre-med, nursing, dental and medical students and professionals interested in a tropical medical opportunities.

Construction and Building Support Volunteers

If the idea of getting your hands dirty and offering your manual labor appeals, then our building projects could be the most rewarding volunteering opportunity in Uganda for you. Support us on our community school and clinic construction. When your volunteer vacation comes to an end, you’ll be tired and a bit dirty. But you’ll leave the village with visible proof of the work you’ve done and happy memories of the people you’ve helped.

Contribute to Community Development in Uganda

Choose from youth empowerment, women’s empowerment, environment conservation to administration work. Uganda is an off the beaten track destination and it is oozing with history and art. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and meet lots of amazing, like-minded individuals.

Duration and Costs

1 Week $295
2 Weeks $395
3 Weeks $495
4 Weeks $595
5 Weeks $695
6 Weeks $795
7 Weeks $895
8 Weeks $995
9 Weeks $1095
10 Weeks $1195
12 Weeks $1395
Any additional Week $100
  • Airport transfers (one way)
  • Placement Registration & Booking
  • Flights
  • Project Support (Pre-departure/ Onsite)
  • Visas
  • Comfortable Accommodation (Homestay)
  • Nutritious meals everyday on project (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Insurance
  • In-country support/Orientation
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tours and Safaris


If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the volunteer application form 

As a volunteer with Beacon of Hope Uganda you will:

  • Gain new perspectives and insight into another culture and yourself.
  • Experience another culture and country at a deep and personal level from the inside out.
  • Gain hands-on experience that will distinguish you on professional level for career development.
  • Make a positive impact on the community in the areas of education, childhood development, healthcare, and other social services.

Required Volunteer Qualifications

No qualifications necessary, other than the ability to speak English. Minimum age to volunteer independently is 18 years old for the volunteering in Uganda program. We also encourage families to volunteer, where the minimum age for children volunteering is seven years old. We also accommodate both large and small groups.

University Groups, High Schools & Corporate Companies

For organizations, universities, high-schools and other institutions, we will be happy to collaborate to host your volunteers’ team on our sustainable development program!

Culture and  Volunteer Work Placement

It is important for potential volunteers to understand that the culture in Uganda is quite different from what you are accustomed to. Volunteers should bring with them an easy-going, open-minded and relaxed attitude. Locals are curious, very friendly and social people.

While Beacon of Hope Uganda will endeavor to maintain a daily routine, volunteers should understand that things move slowly in Africa (and indeed in rural communities). Relax and enjoy the slow pace. Remember that life in Africa is not as organized and predictable as life in developed countries.

Although volunteer work can be very busy and active, at other times work is determined by many number of factors including weather, availability of resources, whether a relevant contact has turned up, cultural activities etc.

Project Location

Mukono District lies on the South East of Uganda about 22 kilometers from Kampala City. Mukono is one of the most relaxed and an attractive suburb in eastern Kampala, Mukono is a great place to stay if you want to explore Uganda at its best.

It is bordered by Buikwe District in the East, Kayunga District in the North, Wakiso District in the West and Lake Victoria in the South. The town is situated in rolling hills and forests, and seems far away from the hectic city centre, but it’s only a short drive from downtown Kampala and Jinja.

Project Accommodation

The volunteers’ accommodation is the home of BoHU’s director and family. The home is a great place to hang your hat and rest your weary bones and to enjoy fascinating Mukono and surrounding towns. Volunteers staying at this home are assigned a bed based on capacity, arrival time and length of stay. If all beds are occupied when you arrive, there are several other options available within the immediate vicinity.

Need More information?

Are you interested in being a Beacon of Hope Uganda volunteer, but would like more information? Contact our team and let us know what your hopes are for your volunteer experience, and we will assist you in planning a meaningful and fulfilling journey.