BoHU donates Solar Lanterns to Needy Families

Needy families in Mengo village, Mpuge subcounty, Mukono district can now breathe a sigh of relief after Beacon of Hope Uganda donated solar lights to them.

The BoHU Executive Director said that the move was aimed at transforming the lives of needy families in the area. The director said most needy families depend on paraffin lamps and candles as a source of lighting at night.

“It is very costly for such families to afford the daily cost of paraffin and candles for them to have light in their homes. That is why BoHU sought to donate solar lamps which can be easily recharged using the available solar which we have in Mukono,” said Ms. Nakagiri.

BoHU donated 50 solar lamps in this community and promised the residents that more solar lamps would be brought to them in the near future.

BoHU supported the community under its EcoHands projects (clean energy-rural solar initiatives), a program through which BoHU provides high-quality affordable solar lighting solutions to families living in rural areas of Mukono.

Many families in rural areas of Mukono burn candles, wood or kerosene for lighting which can be expensive and dangerous, and can cause poor health.  Families have to travel long distances by foot or bodaboda to replenish their fuel source, wasting time and money.

Solar lights significantly decrease household spending on burnable energy sources, saving money for other items like food, school uniforms and medicine.  Solar lights also reduce the risk of injury, respiratory illness and the improved light quality helps prevent eyesight degradation from trying to see by candlelight at night.

Solar lights make it possible for people read, do homework, work at home and perform other tasks that are not possible to do once the sun goes down. Some solar lights can also charge cell phones, further saving a family time and money.

Overall, solar lights are:

  • more economical
  • safer and better for health
  • better for the environment
  • time savers
  • a place to charge cell phones
  • better and more consistent lighting sources

Support the EcoHands Projects

Through the EcoHands project, Beacon of Hope Uganda wants to teach kids and youth about sustainability, alternative clean energy, and respect for the earth because if we can engage them in active participation today, these people will be better prepared for the choices they will make in the future about conserving the environment.

Under this project we have a number of initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Tree planting and tree nurseries
  • Converting waste into energy
  • Recycling
  • Biogas projects
  • Clean energy (rural solar)
  • Cook stoves/Briquettes
  • Sanitary pads production
  • Clean shopping/waste bags production
  • Organic farming
  • Green Finance initiative

You can join us by bringing clean products to needy families by supporting our initiatives and your donation will help in conserving the environment. Contact Us for any inquiries.