PWDs Support Projects

Since its formation in 2006, Beacon of Hope Uganda has dedicated its efforts to support and empower persons with disabilities (PWDs), who are often pushed into the most vulnerable position through a number of initiatives.

Through the activities to improve economic, psychological, and social self-reliance of PWDs, Beacon of Hope Uganda envisions a society, in which PWDs fully and equally participate in the socio-economic programs regardless of disability.

Beacon of Hope Uganda also establishes contacts with employers to develop opportunities for work experience and internship programs, negotiating employment opportunities with employers for PWDs and offering a wide range of employment and training advice, including career and benefits advice to empower the PWDs to make informed decisions about employment opportunities.

PWDs support projects are funded by our partner in development Go Volunteer Africa with an aim of improving the human rights situations of persons with disabilities in Uganda.


Beacon of Hope Uganda donates wheelchairs to persons with disabilities in need of them at no cost. As of today, we have  donated 35 wheelchairs to disabled children, youth and adults in rural, slums and hard to reach communities of Uganda. 


Beacon of Hope Uganda has positioned its to be among the leading organizations creating awareness of the needs and abilities of people with disabilities in Uganda.


Beacon of Hope Uganda also donates eye glasses for children with weak eyesight. We also accept donations of wheelchairs that are not currently being used and we give them someone who can benefit from them. 


Another key aspect of Beacon of Hope Uganda's PWDs Support projects is to help them land meaningful job opportunities. Beacon of Hope Uganda has set up a centre that is supporting PWDs to gain and improve their employability skills through running job search sessions, including CV and application preparation and interview techniques.


At Beacon of Hope Uganda, we committed enusre that persons with disabilities receieve opportunites and we support their unique talents and empower them to reach their full potential and excel in their careers. 


Beacon of Hope Uganda is working in partnership with a  network of organisations around the country. These development partners play a significant role in helping people with disabilities get ready to look for a job, find a job and keep a job.


Stigma and discrimination towards persons with disabilities are deeply rooted in some regions and cultures in Uganda. Sometimes disabilities are seen as a result of evil deeds in their past lives; and some believe that PWDs cannot do anything.


In these areas, PWDs themselves, as well as their families and school administrators, believe that nothing can be done about the education of PWDs. Beacon of Hope Uganda is working tirelessly to promote, protect and defend the human rights of people with disabilities. 


Beacon of Hope Uganda has taken an active role in advancing rights for PWDs through advocacy and capacity building projects. We have worked for justice, development and improved rights for the Uganda’s poorest people, including people with disabilities.