Orphanage Volunteer Work in Uganda ( Minimum stay 4 Weeks+)

Beacon of Hope Uganda provides shelter, food, education, healthcare and social support for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. These children live in dire poverty and are dying daily from malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases.  This Project exists to prevent this fate and give the children not just food and education but a future.

Our vision in this program is to holistically develop villages in Uganda by addressing immediate needs while laying the groundwork for the far-reaching impact of this generation of orphans. The children who spend time and have their schooling at our Children’s Centre are in need of love, care and affection which local staff is often too busy to offer them on an individual basis.

So if you’re looking for a rewarding orphanage volunteer work experience, look no further than Beacon of Hope Uganda. We are currently (and always) accepting volunteers to join our orphanage volunteer work in Uganda

Your volunteer work at the children’s centre will provide these orphaned and vulnerable children with the attention and mental stimulation that all children need to develop healthy social skills and self-confidence. Your orphanage volunteer work in Uganda will make a large impact on both you and the orphans themselves. We recommend coming for four weeks or more if you are to make a great impact on the lives of these children.

There is a possibility for our volunteers to work in every and any aspect of the children’s centre; whether it is teaching the children and helping them with their homework, playing a game of tag or by simply sharing your time, experiences and knowledge with them you are making a difference in their lives.

The voracious need these orphans have to seek and learn about any subject matter – sports, music, or farming – is both awe-inspiring and humbling. Orphanage volunteer work in Uganda will give you an intimate insight into a new and exciting world. A world where childcare is a privilege and a gift, where orphans who have nothing will share whatever they can with a complete stranger, and where you can change the lives of people and children just by being yourself.

While volunteering in the program at BoHU, there are many areas where volunteers can contribute using their education and skills to provide a life-changing experience for our orphaned and vulnerable children. Your particular skill set will determine how you will spend your time at the orphanage and children’s centre, as each volunteer is unique.

By becoming involved in the lives of these children, you will be taking on a mentor role, similar to that of an older brother or sister, and show them compassion in a way that will have a huge impact on their lives. This is a great opportunity for anyone seeking a special experience that differs from the usual volunteer experiences.

The children are in need of attention, love and affection. We hope their charming personalities and quirks will change your life as much as your help will change theirs. We have an orphanage home catering for children 5 years and above and a children’s home catering for 4 years and below.

Role of a Volunteer

Depending on your interests and experience, you can get involved in any of the following areas:

  • Teaching English (3-4 hour a day), helping the children with their homework and monitoring their academic progress.
  • Assisting the children with their daily routine before and after school (i.e. brushing teeth, getting dressed).
  • Accompanying the children to school and picking them up.
  • Organizing games, arts and crafts, singing, dancing and many other creative educational extracurricular activities.
  • Taking the children on educational tours.
  • Assistance in cooking, meal times, and kitchen garden care.
  • Help with administration.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to use their area of expertise to contribute to enhancing the quality of life for the orphans.

Program Requirements:

Volunteers must be:

  • Willing to work with children.
  • At least 18 years or older at the start of the program.
  • Have an open mind and flexible attitude towards working in new and different environments.
  • Prepared to do some manual work in their placement.

What do we provide?

Airport Pickup/ Transportation:

  • Volunteers are picked up from the Entebbe International Airport by an appropriate BoHU representative.
  • Volunteers who will already be in Uganda will be met by a staff member at a pre-arranged location.
  • For volunteers arriving by bus from neighboring countries, meet and pickup will be arranged at agreed bus stop.

Orientation Day in Uganda:

All volunteers are provided with an orientation covering topics such as safety and security, transportation, language, local culture, project details, staff as well as a one day guided city/community tour.


Volunteers are provided accommodation in a volunteer house or in a homestay accommodation managed by the local coordinating team. The accommodations are neat and clean. Accommodation is shared amongst volunteers on the ‘same gender sharing’ basis rooms. Wifi internet, warm water is not guaranteed. ( private room can be provided by prior arrangement.)

The homes are close to useful amenities like banks, ATM’s, currency exchanges, restaurants, cafes and shopping places. All placements are around 10 – 30 minutes from the accommodation. Over the weekends or evenings, participants are free to eat out and explore the different delights that Uganda has to offer.

Some volunteers are also provided accommodation in the project premises itself. For example – Volunteers working in orphanage project can be provided accommodation in the project premises itself in a separate room that is allotted for volunteers.


Three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) are provided to the participants from Monday – Sunday. Breakfast served is hearty and well balanced.  It includes tea and coffee, bread, jam, fruit and a main dish, depending on the wish to prepare that day (Ex. eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, cereal, porridge, etc.).

Lunch is typically the main meal of the day in Uganda and volunteers will often eat their meals on-site, prepared by local families or community members.  If not, Project Leaders will bring volunteers to a local restaurant, which will offer several traditional options.  A typical Ugandan lunch features beef, chicken or fish coupled with potatoes, rice or beans (usually rice).

Dinners at BoHU volunteer program offer a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option each night.

Always be wary of street vendors’ food, which is more susceptible to contamination, undercooked meat and raw fruits or vegetables.  DO NOT drink water straight from the tap.  Brushing your teeth with it is usually fine, but, for personal consumption, be sure to buy bottled water from a store or boil tap water before drinking (though the later is far less practical).

Project Location:

The project placements are located across Uganda, and you will be placed according to your interests and chosen program. Program regions include: Central, East, North and Western regions of Uganda. Regardless of where you are placed, you will be placed in a program run by Beacon of Hope Uganda.


It is essential that volunteers are able to speak English.

In-country support:

24 hour support is provided by our staff members. Once you arrive in the country you are in the care of BoHU, so try to follow guidelines, tips and utilize all support provided.

Pre-departure information:

After being accepted into the program, payment of booking and placement deposit all participants are provided with a pre-departure information booklet by e-mail which will contain all the vital information about your program, such as: details of the country, project location, Visa requirements, Immunization requirements, details of accommodation, contact information and suggested packing list.

What you are paying for?

The program fee, placement booking and airport transfer fee is used to provide a professional and welcoming volunteer program, as well as providing some financial support for the project you will be supporting. See fees here

The following are included in the cost:

  • Pickup from the airport, transport to your placement.
  • Project donation
  • Sightseeing guided tour (One day during orientation).
  • Comprehensive Pre- Departure Information.
  • 24 hrs Assistance and support from BoHU Staff.
  • 2 T-shirts (produced by our youth and women)
  • Ground Transport

What is not included?

The following costs are NOT included in the above fee and will need to be covered by the volunteer:

  • Airfare / travel to Uganda
  • Visa and Visa extension fees. (Tourist Visa)
  • Any personal expenses
  • Any other donations
  • Safaris and Tours
  • Entry to parks and Cultural excursions
  • Airport drop off after completion of program

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