New Direction of Beacon of Hope Uganda

My love for serving those in need started quite some time when I was really a young girl and it was fueled when I got an opportunity to serve as the Administrator of Hope Children’s Academy school, a school started by Beacon of Hope Uganda, in my home village Kasala, north of Mukono town.

My turning point is when I became the Personal Assistant to Mr. Isaac Ssamba and Head of Operations at Beacon of Hope Uganda, I learned a lot about his dreams of serving humanity and his love for making a difference in the lives of those suffering people.

I was convinced by his passion and speaking ignites and after just few months, when he asked me to take over the leadership of Beacon of Hope Uganda, I accepted.

At the moment, BoHU has very limited resources, all it has are amazing ideas and information, but looking at it how the leadership has brought it and you can’t fail to appreciate their effort and leadership.

A NEW direction!

After taking over the leadership, I have decided to start by sharing everyday updates on what is going here at BoHU and Uganda and with those people who would like to get involved in humanitarian services in Uganda.

The result!

You are looking at the result of these ideas! Regular updates about our work and programs. I hope you will enjoy them and find what you are looking for or something new, you didn’t know about Uganda before and generally Beacon of Hope Uganda the organization I work with all my heart.

I welcome any questions or ideas on how we can improve Beacon of Hope Uganda!

Yours in service

Sandra Nakagiri

Director- Beacon of Hope Uganda