Music Education Volunteer Program in Uganda

Music Education Volunteer Program
Music Education Volunteer Program

Beacon of Hope Uganda would like to establish and sustain school- music education program at our schools in Uganda.

A volunteer is needed to offer guidance in development of the program, curriculum design, and program implementation at the schools. The Music Education volunteer program in Uganda is available throughout the year.

You can combine Music Education volunteer program in Uganda with general education and teaching. Through our Reach & Teach programs in rural village in Uganda, you can get involved with a complete range of teaching and development activities.

You can help in taking normal classes, assisting the teaching staff, conducting extracurricular activities like clay modeling, painting, drawing, singing, art & drama, dancing, group work, games or other similar activities.

Your help and assistance will be greatly appreciated in our schools and will be a refreshing change to existing curriculum. If you’re a native English speaker or with some teaching experience, you can be a valuable resource in the classrooms.

With your English skills you could teach proper English pronunciation and usage. Even if you’ve never formally taught a classroom subject, you can assist the local teachers in their day to day work at the school.

You don’t need to know the local language, or the methods of the local school system. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to share your knowledge and make a difference.

Want to participate?

Use your talents and connections to help others learn about music education. Music education makes a difference, it helps children to learn skills, gain self-esteem and become excited about school.

Why Music education program?

While music can be a great gift to give to a friend or a loved one, there are children, hospital patients and others who could use the gift of music to make them smile.

Unfortunately, music education programs and musical instruments are not always available to people who truly need them. We want to give to those in need and to brighten the lives of others with a gift of music

We would like to set up fundraising campaigns to be able to get instruments into classrooms, provide free lessons to underprivileged children.

Music Instruments Needed:

Drums, Pianos, Guitars, percussion instruments, woodwinds, keyboards, brass instruments, saxophones, vibraphones, classical music instruments.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the volunteer application form