BoHU Gets New Executive Director!

Dear friends and supporters,

Happy New Year! Beacon of Hope Uganda is kicking off the New Year 2018 with some exciting news. After a long and extensive search, it is my great pleasure to introduce our new Executive Director, Ms. Sandra Nakagiri.

I know many of you have been following and eagerly waiting for our leadership transition process over the last couple of months. Please know that we deeply appreciate your support, encouragement, and investment in making this transition such a positive one. I hope you’ll join me in giving Sandra a very large (virtual) high five!

Sandy started participating in BoHU activities at her school in 2009 (during BoHU School Outreaches). Over the years, Sandy has served as one of our youth leaders, as our Junior Director of Communications, as an Administrator of our Hope Children’s Academy school and, most recently, as my Personal Assistant and one of our Interim Co-Executive Directors.

Sandra has shown all of us how much she loves Beacon of Hope Uganda and how thoughtful and talented she is in so many areas of work. She is dedicated to setting a clear and bold vision for the future of BoHU by involving everyone in co-creating the future together.

She is excited about the opportunity to bring her energy, enthusiasm, and operational abilities to the service of the largest community development organization in greater Mukono.

Sandra will be taking up her official duties as Executive Director full time in the office in mid-May 2018, and in the meantime, should you need anything, I remain as “interim” Executive director. I know she is certainly looking forward to meeting and working with you all.

As the current Chairman, Board of Directors, I am thrilled that Sandy has accepted the position and feel that her experience with BoHU goals and direction has great potential to move the organization forward in the coming years.

We are excited about the direction of BoHU and the work we have all been doing to build the strong foundation for the organization. The last couple of years have been a time of deep reflection and transition for the leadership. When I stepped down as founding Executive Director and moved onto my next adventure and serving as full time Board Chairman, the team was propelled to think about our future, our strengths, areas for improvement, and what kind of leader we needed to accomplish our organization goals.

The BoHU board has spent the last eight months evaluating BoHU internally and getting clarity about the leadership the organization needed for its next phase of work. After assessing our leaders, it was apparent that Sandy not only is deeply passionate about BoHU but has the skills and experience needed to lead the organization as well as a clear vision for taking the organization forward.

Sandy has already demonstrated her leadership in these areas and the Board of Directors is confident in her ability to carry out that vision as well as engage our members, our donors and our well-wishers in the same way she has done over the last years.

In talking with Sandy earlier in September, she wanted me to share with you that she is “excited for the opportunity to serve with BoHU, a highly respected organization and a wonderful model for humanitarian service and rural development. It is indeed an honor having been selected, and I look forward to working with staff, board, and members to explore new opportunities and face the challenges of the future.”

I want to acknowledge Stephen Okhutu, our other superhero Interim Co-Executive Director this last year. Steve has been collaborating with the board and has helped strengthen our operations, fundraising efforts, and so much more. We are forever grateful to Steve for all that he has done for BoHU and we can’t wait to continue working with him in other capacities.

I would also like to thank the executive committee headed up by Committee Chair and Board Member Samuel Nsubuga for the respected process and candidate screening.

On a personal note, I am excited about and supportive of Sandy stepping into the Executive Director role which I held for the last 10 years and will remain involved with BoHU in other capacities, most especially as the full Chairman for the Board and as a lifetime member of this great organization.

We look forward to continue growing with you! As always, we welcome any questions you might have for us. And please stay in touch with us about the exciting work we will be kicking off under Sandra’s leadership.

Together we are strengthening our communities with diverse and talented leaders like you!

Happy New Year

Isaac Ssamba,

BoHU Board Chairman