BoHU Agribiz project strives to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in Uganda through improved agriculture practices and technologies that are environmentally sustainable (such as pest management, soil and water conservation methods) and raise rural incomes through improved access to productive assets such as land and capital and reducing vulnerability for rural small-scale farmers through capacity building and a comprehensive value chain approach.

Beacon of Hope Uganda through Namazige Enterprises (our agribusiness subsidiary), we are focusing on increased agricultural productivity, poverty reduction, stabilizing food prices, improving employment for poor rural people; increasing demand for consumer goods and services, and stimulating sustainable development.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Ugandan economy with over 80% of the population being directly or indirectly involved in various aspects of this sector. Beacon of Hope Uganda invests a substantial amount of funding in the agriculture sector, through various projects in rural communities of Uganda.

Agriculture in Uganda is still based on traditional means of farming. For example, agriculture is still based on rain fed forecast for yields -this is outdated. BoHU is keen and focuses on improved innovative technologies both intermediate and affordable that can transform harvests.

Why investing in Sustainable Agriculture?

Agricultural production provides income, employment and food at affordable prices as well as raw material for the processing industry and foreign exchange from exports. Creating a sustainable agricultural development project means improving the quality of life in rural areas of Uganda, ensuring enough food for present and future generations and generating sufficient income for small-scale farmers.

Supporting sustainable agricultural development also involves ensuring and maintaining productive capacity for the future and increasing productivity without damaging the environment or jeopardizing natural resources. In addition, it requires respect for and recognition of local knowledge and local management of natural resources, and efforts to promote the capabilities of current generations without compromising the prospects of future ones.

In the first phase our project: BoHU Agribiz Project, we shall focus on livestock production and commodities. The livestock agribusiness sector contributes to economic and social development as well as to food security. Due to its strong positive interrelations with agricultural production, livestock production is generally an integral part of farming systems.

Agricultural commodities such as bananas, corn, beans, nuts, will also be part of our venture.