Elderly Support Projects

Beacon of Hope Uganda takes care of the neglected, abandoned and the lonely elderly persons in our society. From providing them with food, shelter and clothing, we also assist with medical assistance by taking them to hospital, repair dilapidated shelters, support those with orphans and vulnerable children and give compassion to the lonely.

Older people are typically among the poorest and most neglected. The pull of urban centers like Kampala means many older people are left alone in rural areas, often feeding and raising their grandchildren and trying to eke out a living farming their land. This leaves the vast majority without a sufficient and reliable income in their later years.

Beacon of Hope Uganda also builds capacities of 200 older woman and men through a number of elderly support projects on commercialized activities like handicrafts, growing vegetables and herbs for economic benefits, nutrition, social fulfillment, and dignity.

Socio-economic status of Ugandan 1.5 million elderly people, which is 4% of the population of 38 million people, rarely reflects the fundamental contributions they make in the society. Many of the elderly remain the loneliest, poorest and most neglected people in most Ugandan communities.

In Uganda, neglect, abandonment and violence against older persons has taken age based dimension such as “killings of older men and women on suspicion of practicing witchcraft, domestic violence, rape particularly among older women, kidnapping for monetary gain, fraud to acquire property and money from older members of society engineered by children.

Beacon of Hope Uganda supports of the elderly from their own homes through home-based care project.  We provide food to older people who are at risk of going hungry so that they can afford to feed themselves and their families.

Through outreach clinics we aim to boost older people’s access to medical services and we strive to reduce diseases and illnesses common in older age through education and prevention campaigns. We advocate for HIV and AIDS policies and programs to be responsive to the needs of older people.

We observe International Days and also lobby and advocate for the plight of this marginalized group. We are gonna get old too!