Education plays the central role in escaping generational poverty. It has been estimated that for every year a child stays in school, their future earning potential increases by 10-20 percent. Unfortunately, many families in poverty consider education a luxury and even those who value it can find it difficult to afford.

While each area we serve has unique needs, Beacon of Hope Uganda encourages and sustains the academic progression of the children we support from early education programs through secondary school and beyond. Youth and children from poverty stricken backgrounds come to our office to receive educational support, such as:

Uniforms: clothing, backpacks and shoes
Supplies: textbooks, calculators, notebooks, pencils and pens
Financial support: school fees and transportation costs
Libraries: study areas and reading materials for all ages
Study aids: tutoring, educational workshops and special youth programs
Computer center: free Internet access, basic computing courses and tutoring services
Scholarships: vocational training, college and university assistance
Community literacy: books for classrooms and libraries, mobile libraries and reading tents.

Beacon of Hope Uganda believes that education is extremely important to improve the lives of orphans and children in need, this is the reason behind the establishment of various educational projects to support the needy children. We support their education by providing schooling support, continuously discussing their progress with teachers. We also find responsible guardians to take them in while they attend school.



The purpose of this project is to provide basic social care to those children who have lost their parents or those who come from desperate backgrounds (Orphans and Vulnerable Children). As you can imagine, children arrive at the Beacon of Hope Uganda centers malnourished, in rags, suffering from all types of childhood diseases and uneducated. We immediately set about rectifying these problems. We provide immediate health assessments, fresh clothing, nutritious meals, and an excellent education program all the way through to completing high school, followed by vocational training or preparation for university.


The common scenario for Ugandan families involves extreme financial struggle. The father may leave the family after being discouraged by unemployment and in many cases turn to alcohol, he may even leave to be with another woman or dies from AIDS. This usually means the mother is left with five to ten children. At times the mother is also infected with AIDS and dies, leaving the desperate children to an aged grandmother who struggles to survive. In cases like this it is the grandmother who brings the children to our centres.


The goal of this literacy program is to empower communities and reduction of poverty through a combination of school literacy clubs, free community libraries and story telling platforms and awards. Beacon of Hope Uganda wants  to help people fall in love with books, promote the reading culture and strengthen reading comprehension skills through these initiatives.


Beacon of Hope Uganda is running the literacy program through schools, community centers and we also offer family literacy support services to orphans, vulnerable children and low-income families in semi-urban, slums and rural communities. We believe every one is a special person with unique talents and abilities. We work hand in hand with each individual under our program to provide them with the opportunity to explore their potential and truly shine!


This literacy program is an essential part for development. We have integrated lots of hands-on materials that allow students to experiment with reading, writing, music and art.  Children, youth and adults benefit from this program and a unique skills training program that aims to equip them with valuable skills and instill a life-long love for learning.


Through hands-on training and technical workshops in photography, film production, performing arts, sports, and stay in school programs, young people can build confidence through learning new skills, discover opportunities for income generation, and envision and plot a course for future career opportunities in media and the arts. Beacon of Hope Uganda has trained hundreds of youth through a series of  workshops in photography, hairdressing and fashion and designing etc



We are empowering gifted young people to become professional tailors and fashion designers in Uganda. For this we equip them with business skills, advanced tailoring skills and soft skills to run their own business after completing the 6 months training. This project is mainly benefitting young mothers, school dropout and those who have an interest in fashion designing. We have introduced a modeling segment in this project and we plan to organize a fashion week in the near future.