We launched a membership program at our initiative BoHU Emergency Response Team! You can now join us in our noble work, you can apply to volunteer, intern and also join our emergency outreach programs! Fill form here

At Beacon of Hope Uganda, we understand that membership is power. Your involvement is valuable to our initiative and outreach service effort. Your engagement will empower the needy and vulnerable individuals.


BoHU Emergency Response Team is an initiative of Beacon of Hope Uganda. It is designed to offer rapid response services to needy people, poor people and suffering people who are in need of emergency support and in most cases  services are offered at FREE cost 24/7, all across the country, where we have call centers.


Inspired by the passion of empowering the youth through employment opportunities and skills transfer, the team comprises young and energetic people who are very ready to respond to an emergency situations.  Beacon of Hope Uganda is planning to set up fully functional call centers in every major town of Uganda to receive distress and emergency calls from various parts of the country and dispatch the nearest team to attend to the emergency.


We can make a difference by helping the needy. We can certainly succeed and continue helping many in the world. We have done a lot and are still determined to do more. In order for this to happen, we need your help and participation on the team.


  • Emergency support
  • Disaster response
  • Victims of natural/artificial calamities
  • Accident victims
  • First Aid services
  • Breakdown and Towing services
  • Ambulance services
  • Fire response services
  • Clean Water services
  • Events Emergency Teams
  • Outreaching to Needy People


By becoming a member of BoHU Emergency Response Team you are joining a national community of change makers, reformers, influencer and developer united by one common goal of restoring hope and saving lives.



Before becoming part of our team you will need to pay an application and registration fee. The full fee must be paid before registration is granted; it’s not possible to pay your registration fee by installments or after you have registered. The current application and registration fees are: – 52,500 Ugx.


Pro-rata fees:

There is no legal mechanism that allows for pro-rata fees. This means that you must pay the full fee at whatever point in the year you apply to register.


Retention fees

Your following year’s fees can be paid by installments, but must be done in advance before the deadline of 30 November.


Why fees?

Since we started, the numbers of people interested in joining our programs has increased by each year. Unfortunately only a third of those who promise to seriously get involved, have really been productive and totally useful.


The wastage in our coordinators’ time and the fact that people who could have been useful were refused due to holding the space for someone else who didn’t add value, forced us to implement this. We hope that by implementing the application and registration fee, only serious people will thus secure the chance to be part of our team.


How do I join BoHU Emergency Response Team membership?


Step 1: Fill Application and Registration Form here and Submit  it.


Step 2: Pay your application and registration fees THROUGH BANK ONLY.


Step 3: After payment scan or take a photo/screenshot of your bank payment slip/reference and send it to contact email.


Step 4: As part of your application you must send us some supporting documents so we can:


  • verify you are who you say you are
  • confirm your good character


Step 5: Application Review by our team (this takes between 7-14 days depending on volumes of applications)


Step 6: After review, you will be invited for meet up and briefing at our call centre/office near you (if any).


Step 7: Celebrate you are now part of our life-changing team.


To reduce on the number of people who visit our offices for inquiries and to save both our time and yours, the application process is entirely done ONLINE until the meet up/briefing day

Who do I contact for assistance if I have questions?

If you need assistance, please contact us at members@beaconofhopeug.org  or call: +256-702-812255.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership to BoHU Emergency Response Team is open to ONLY Ugandan nationals. Others can join us through our volunteering program

Fill Membership Form here