Affordable Quality Uganda Volunteer Tours & Safaris

Uganda Volunteer Tours & Safaris
Uganda Volunteer Tours & Safaris

Taking in the sights, taking pictures, taking a bus, taking your time … no wonder they call it taking a vacation. Instead of always taking something away when you travel, why not give something back?

There’s no better cultural immersion than to earn respect by working side by side with locals. The options are endless; pick one you’re passionate about and leave the land, animals or people better off than before you arrived. The bonus is you may find you take away more from your travel than ever before.

You’d like to combine sightseeing with the chance to roll up your sleeves, you’d like to volunteer in Uganda but don’t have more than a few days or weeks, you want to make a difference and give something back, you want to see and experience something different without missing out on the highlights, then you should check out what our Volunteer tours and safaris have to offer.

While Ugandan travel brings wonderful experiences, our Volunteer tours and safaris work with local communities allowing you to give something back to the places you visit. Not only are these great way to scratch below the ‘tourism surface’, but you’ll also make a real difference to communities at grassroots, and we’re sure you will make some special friends at the same time.

Volunteering in Uganda with Beacon of Hope Uganda can be extremely rewarding, but it isn’t all hard work, as these volunteer tours and safaris are combined with seeing some of Uganda’s awesome sights through our company- Beacon Tours & Safaris.

Experience the color and culture of Uganda on a unique 7, 14, 21, 30 days volunteer adventure tour. Soak in the hospitality of Ugandans before exploring its beauty. Embark on wildlife safaris across national parks and explore several culture and tourism sites.

Gain a unique perspective on local culture while volunteering with community projects that help bring education, healthcare and social services to the local people. Give a little of your time to Uganda and take away a truly immersive experience that few travelers encounter.

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