Academic Sponsorship

The purpose and objective of this program is to provide basic physical, social and spiritual care to those children who have lost their parents or those who come from desperate backgrounds (Orphans and Vulnerable Children). We have hundreds of children waiting for sponsorship. We encourage “god-parents” to fill in a sponsorship form and become part of our organization.

BoHU’s financial support comes from individuals and corporations that either sponsor a particular child or provide regular funds for general running expenses or projects.  At the moment, Beacon of Hope Uganda is running three education funds, our general BoHU Education Fund sponsored by generous individuals, Namazige Childcare Support a fund initiated by our generous founder and former Executive Director Isaac Ssamba, sponsored by his agribusiness Namazige Enterprises and an Orphans’ Sponsorship Initiative funded by our partner howareyou from Germany.

These funds help us to meet the demands for many ongoing projects as we expand in order for BoHU to provide care for more and more desperate children. An orphan’s life can be given new direction for as little as $ 100 a year or $300 to help with a start-up kit. The sponsors’ money goes towards purchasing school supplies, books, school uniforms, clothing, medicine, feeding, education and housing for the child who is homeless.

As you can imagine, children arrive at the Beacon of Hope Uganda centers malnourished, in rags, suffering from all types of childhood diseases and uneducated. We immediately set about rectifying these problems. We provide immediate health assessments, fresh clothing, nutritious meals, and an excellent education program all the way through to completing high school, followed by vocational training or preparation for university.

The common scenario for Ugandan families involves extreme financial struggle. The father may leave the family after being discouraged by unemployment and in many cases turn to alcohol, he may even leave to be with another woman or dies from AIDS. This usually means the mother is left with five to ten children. At times the mother is also infected with AIDS and dies, leaving the desperate children to an aged grandmother who struggles to survive. In cases like this it is the grandmother who brings the children to our centres.

Currently, there are 395 children in the whole program. But the number of children constantly fluctuates as new children are accepted and older children leave the program as they reach adulthood. The children leave the program depending on how far they want to pursue their education. Some children may leave the program and start working after having finished their Vocational Training.


At least 12.3 % of children in Uganda are orphans. 420,000 of these orphans have lost only a mother and 1,330,000 a father. However, 402,500 of these are total orphans, having lost both parents, and these are the more likely to end up in orphanages. AIDS and other diseases, armed conflict, natural disasters, forced displacement and extreme poverty leave millions of children orphaned, separated, or on the brink of family breakdown. These children need and have a right to be protected and cared for.  We as BoHU feel we have an obligation to respond.


By sponsoring an orphan, you can help feed, clothe, and educate a young child alone in the world, who without your help, would be forced to fend for themselves in a world of horrors no child should have to face. Through our BoHU Education, we provide education, healthcare, social services, and basic necessities to orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.

Orphaned children

Through this fund we are giving you an opportunity to sponsor a child with a one time “New Life- Startup Kit”. In this program we are following the Chinese saying of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” For only USD $300 a year, you can make a difference in the life of a child through the New Life Startup Kit. That’s just $0.8 a day.


Currently, there are over 375 children supported by the BoHU Education Fund, from nursery, primary, secondary, vocationalal and university.  You will receive regular updates on your sponsored child’s academic and social progress every 6 months. Your sponsorship will begin upon receipt of your first sponsorship donation. Please allow four to six weeks to hear from your sponsored child.


Your donation, either through monthly or annual payment is given directly to the OVC’s family or guardian or school.       


Benefits for Orphans and Vulnerable children:


We take care of following basic needs of the sponsored orphans.

  • Subsistence (monthly ration, clothes, hygiene kits);
  • Education (includes school fees, books, school supplies and two uniforms);
  • Health (includes medical checkups, immunization);
  • Social upliftment (includes Extracurricular activities-e.g, dramas, academic tours, pocket money, creativity contests etc)
  • Child Protection Rights (includes inheritance and family).      


This childcare support fund was started by Mr. Isaac Ssamba founder/former Executive Director of Beacon of Hope Uganda and the current Patron of the organization. The fund began as a feeding outreach to the destitute orphaned and vulnerable kids in the town of Mukono. This fund is managed and run by Beacon of Hope Uganda is now equipping orphans in various small towns and villages of Uganda with education, healthcare and hope. 


The fund provides basic needs such as food, medical care, education, shelter, and clothing to children. So far 15 (as of 2018) kids are benefitting from this fund. These children were living in dire poverty and were dying from malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases. This fund exists to prevent this fate and give the children not just food and education but a future.

Vulnerable Children

Mr. Ssamba, while driving through the towns and villages, saw kids dying of hunger or eat from the garbage, some were  having no clothes and others dying of worms and treatable diseases. He then told his inner-self it was not his fault that these kids were eating from the garbage or dying of hunger but through his heart, his inner-man spoke to him saying, “Then the problem is, they are dying and doing it in your face (as you watch)"


Mr. Ssamba utilized profits and agriculture products from his agribusiness - Namazige Enterprises to start feeding these kids with a hot meal each day, until today. He has made sure these kids get quality education through partnering with various schools.


"We shall feed them, cloth them, house them, rehabilitate them, educate them, and present them to society as respectable citizens." - confirmed Mr. Ssamba at the launch of the fund in Mukono.


This orphans sponsorship initiative was started by our former volunteers Charlotte and Sophia Campbell from Germany, who went on to start howareyou, a small charity in Germany. The main goal of the fund is to empower rural communities and reduction of poverty through a combination of education, nutrition, healthcare and income generating activities.  

Sponsored Child

A substantial annual donation helps cover school fees, uniform, shoes, school supplies, a meal during school, and medical visits (as needed) for one year of 5 kids currently benefiting from the fund. This fund is supervised by Beacon of Hope Uganda.


The team makes annual visits to Uganda to check on the sponsored children and they also send volunteers from Germany to support the organization in various ways.

Sponsors are always welcome to visit their sponsored children at our schools or villages. We strongly encourage letter writing because it helps create a special loving relationship between you and your sponsored child.  Small gifts such as stickers, drawings, photos of your family, cards, coloring books, clothes, shoes or small monetary gifts may be sent to your sponsored child through our office.

Becoming a sponsor through our academic sponsorship program, you help a child in two ways. First, by developing a relationship that strengthens the child’s self-esteem; and second, by providing ongoing financial support for the care of all of the children.