Educational Programs

In line with free universal primary education introduced in 1997 and further free secondary education a decade later, Beacon Of Hope has vibrant education programs for all children in Uganda.

 We strive to ensure all school-going children have access to education in a comfortable environment. Our education programs focus on primary, secondary, and tertiary education. We prioritize the vulnerable groups- school dropouts, the unemployed, orphans, children living with HIV, and people living with disabilities in all our efforts to salvage the education system.

Most of our education programs focus on improving literacy levels beyond secondary education.

What we do-the education programs

  1. Volunteer teacher

Our volunteer program places teachers in various educational institutions for knowledge-based assistance. Our trained volunteers take center stage to fill the tutor shortage gap that comes with free universal primary and secondary education. Besides, they are mentors in their right. Successful children in our scholarship program give back to the community as volunteers. The mentorship they offer to students is helpful in various ways.

  • Reduces the rate of school dropouts
  • Many youths find a purpose in life.
  • Minimize teacher shortage improving the quality of learning in public schools
  • A decreasing number of cases of drug abuse
  1. Mentorship programs

We understand the identity crisis among adolescents who form the majority population in upper classes in primary and secondary school. We use the curriculum to create emphasis on the need to go through this stage in a better way.

We use entertainment and empowerment services to disseminate information. In this regard, the following actions within our mentorship program have proved a success


  • Comedy shows
  • Guiding and counseling sessions
  • Talk shows
  • Competition through skids

The theme of the tailored programs communicates one message “The value of education for the future generation.”

  1. Youth empowerment

Our inclusive programs accommodate the youth, just like the school-going children. Youths with no opportunity to further their studies have something to gain from our impact in the education industry.

We charge them through capacity building conferences and seminars to take full control of their lives. Our partnership with other local and international organizations equips them with the right mindset to think of ways of increasing their income in their small or big way. We have physical and online youth forums for sharing of experiences to mentor fellow youths. The positive effect of our youth empowerment forums include

  • Energized youths engaging in meaningful activities in the community
  • Increased enrolment in youth forums
  • Requests for partnership with local youth groups to benefit from our nonprofit services
  • More financial support from international organization to be part of this noble course
  1. Skills acquisition

Children have different opportunities based on their home environment and mental capabilities. The high rate of unemployed youth after their secondary education influenced the skills acquisition program.

In a bid to make them purposeful in life, we equip them with practical skills to ensure they make a living. We liaise with local training institutions to take in students under our scholarship program to complete the various courses

The five primary skills on our front include

  • Welding
  • Tailoring
  • Masonry and plumbing
  • Digital learning skills
  • Marketing

In line with the mentorship program onboard, we equip our trainees with soft skills to make them confident and successful individuals not only in class but also in the outside world.

Leadership, communication, work ethics, problem-solving, and negotiation skills are the main areas of training. As they get practical skills, they have the relevant interpersonal skills that leverage them from the rest.

  1. Education scholarship

As a nonprofit making organization; we support the government’s effort to provide free primary and secondary education to provide support for essential school items. We conduct book harvest sessions to offer the writing materials to make them reach higher education heights.

 School uniforms and stationery are among the provisions this program supports. After secondary education, with our vigorous selection exercise, we provide financial support to the bright and needy students to attain their tertiary education stress-free.

Girl child education

The culture and traditional customs of the Ugandan people make the girl child vulnerable to early marriages. It’s our core mandate to push for gender policies to make sure the girls have an equal chance like their boy child counterparts.

 It’s a broad area of concentration that incorporates the women, the front liners in the fight against gild child education.  Statistics prove that the girls in this country drop out faster than the boys. The significant contribution of this is culture.

Be part of this great course and give a chance to a child in Uganda to have a fruitful life. What can you do? Get in touch with us. Let’s discuss how best to uplift the standards of living of vulnerable children through knowledge acquisition. Information is power.