Youth Healthcare Services

Young people across Uganda, especially those living in rural communities still face multiple barriers in accessing SRH services and contraception. Many young people in Uganda have sexual relations, yet very few use contraceptives or even know how to find SRH services.

Beacon of Hope Uganda is addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) needs of young people through various initiatives. The program provides information and resources on the prevention of non-communicable disease (NCDs) and on improving sexual and reproductive health services targeted at young people.

We are working with local schools and organisations to develop community events – such as drama, debates, competitions, school fairs, fun days – that build awareness of NCD risks.

Community role models are trained to become spokespeople and Peer Educators to conduct outreach activities with other young people. We work with Peer Educators and local stakeholders (community leaders, teachers, health service providers, health workers) to raise awareness and provide support; to introduce adolescent friendly services in existing health facilities.


Keeping girls in school, delaying early pregnancy and marriage has been identified by Beacon of Hope Uganda as an important need. 


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