Where Will You Volunteer Abroad in 2018? – The Answer is definitely Uganda!

Programs are available in over 25 program sites in Uganda from 1-24 weeks. These project sites districts are: Mukono, Wakiso, Mbale, Jinja, Kampala and several other areas where Beacon of Hope Uganda run development projects.

Explore Uganda with a Meaningful Volunteer Experience!

Gain valuable real-world experience with a volunteer position at Beacon of Hope Uganda. Choose from our diverse assortment of health, environment and socio-economic projects collaborating with local communities.

Uganda is one of those rare destinations in the world that seems to have the unique combination of natural beauty, intriguing history, and vibrant culture and much of this country still remains wild and uncharted.

For students interested in studying international development and gaining practical experience in the field, Beacon of Hope Uganda has provided numerous internship, research and event coordination opportunities. We have worked with several students who have worked or are currently working in the international development field

Meaningful Travel in 25 program sites in Uganda – Volunteer, Intern and Teach English, orphan care, conservation and healthcare work

If you’re looking for a unique travel experience abroad, look no further! Beacon of Hope Uganda programs are the perfect way to meet new people, immerse yourself in new cultures and make a difference abroad.

Be part of it with Beacon of Hope Uganda!

Imagine seeing the world differently…Imagine finding a travel organization which offers a wide range of meaningful travel opportunities in 25 program sites in Uganda from the Central Uganda, to the west and north and the eastern part of the country. Imagine taking your pick from volunteer projects, teaching English and social welfare programs, work experience internships and language/culture immersion programs.

An important goal of Beacon of Hope Uganda is to help people get directly involved in making positive change.   Beacon of Hope Uganda welcomes anyone who comes with a kind heart, open mind and sharing attitude.

To volunteer here is a life changing experience which you will never forget, to Volunteer with us is certainly not only going to put something into a desperately poor community, but also give you an adventure of a lifetime.

Do more than imagine – Make it Happen!

Inquire about our meaningful travel opportunities: beaconyouths@yahoo.com

About Author: Beacon of Hope Uganda
Beacon of Hope Uganda designs and conducts programs which contribute to the welfare and social productivity of disadvantaged individuals and communities with an emphasis on children and youth. BoHU addresses some of the most pervasive problems in rural Uganda, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, education, poverty, access to clean drinking water, and orphaned children. In addition, it focuses on empowering the youth of Uganda empowering them with different skills and leadership training.

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