The links below are from various websites and blogs, which talk or mention our work in Uganda. Some of the links are to blogs of former volunteers who have ever worked with us here in Uganda, some are interviews from media houses around the world and some are fundraisers of our great volunteers. Please visit them and see what others say about our work in Uganda or some of the updates from the field.


Sabine Gorg- Germany – The Hope Centre in Kasala (still running)

Cynthia Marton- Switzerland- Lets-Build-Together-Give-Hope-Through-a-Social-Center-in-Kasala (ended)

Isaac Ssamba- Uganda – Powering Heath- Solar Energy for Rural Community Clinic (ended)

Annie Belle- Canada- Annie’s “Beacon of Hope Uganda” Drive (ended)

Catharina Peterson- Sweden-  A bedroom for Orphans (ended)


CALEDON ENTREPRISES 2008- Canada – Caledon Resident Restores Hope in Uganda

Melanie DuChateau 2009- U.S.A Volunteer – Working in Uganda

Tomasz Zurek 2013- Australia Volunteer- Tomek’s Adventure To the Republic of Uganda

Peter Carroll, Kira and Family 2013- Australia Volunteer- Alice to Africa

Fair World Travel- UK Development Partner- Volunteer in Uganda

Change Tomorrow’s World 2011 Canada- Interview With Isaac Ssamba 

Catharina Peterson 2013- Sweden Volunteer- Dream and Do

4HMT Project with BoHU News Article 2014- Million Trees Project

Kids Go Green Project in Huffington Post 2014- Isaac Ssamba

Bella Penny 2014- British Volunteer- Six Weeks in Uganda

Diego Zenizo- 2014- Mexico Volunteer- Diego’s Adventure in Uganda

Amy Thomas- 2014- British Volunteer- Raising Money For New Hope Junior School

Charlotte Campbell – 2015- German Volunteer- Volunteer in Uganda