Trees for Youth Development Phase Two

Every day people around the world are looking for innovative solutions to the great issue that impacts us all—climate change. In the summer of 2013, Beacon of Hope Uganda (BoHU) started the Kids Go Green Project- and the intention was to teach children stewardship and ownership of their environment through giving them the opportunity to participate in small acts of environment conservation such as tree planting and throughout the campaign, we managed to plant over 1000 trees.

In late 2013 with our determination to promote and conserve the environment, we managed to seal an international partnership with 4-H Million Trees Project to boost the fight against climate change.

The difficulty of procuring tree seeds and their rising cost makes it necessary to find means to increase seedling survival and growth. Nurseries provide the necessary control of moisture, light, soil and predators and allow production of healthy and hardy seedlings.

So under the new partnership with 4-H Million Trees Project, we introduced a new campaign named- Trees for Youth Development and on this stage we planned to raise tree nurseries and engage the youth and plant more trees and it was at this level, that our campaign changed goal posts to target, planting 100,000 trees by end of 2016.

With 4-H Million Trees Project, we managed to secure funding from tentree- Canada to develop tree nurseries and plant over 25000 trees and kick-start the project currently known as Trees for Youth Development (TYD Phase one).

This project has benefited the youth participants through improved nutrition, environmental and conservation education, and the introduction of life skills.

The first year of Trees for Youth Development Project (TYD) with financial support from tentree and guidance from 4HMT- AFRICA was a very successful phase in this project, where over 30,000 trees were planted and 2 nurseries raised. In 2016, over 50,000 trees are being raised and will be planted this year.


Various tree species are raised in nurseries based on community needs. Trees species raised in the nurseries consist of fruit trees, herbal medicine trees and tree products such as wood and timber for construction.

These include: Eucalyptus spp and Pinus. Fruit trees established in both sites are mainly Persea Americana (Avocado), Mangifera indica (Mango), Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) and Carica papaya. Other species also common in the nurseries include Moringa oleifera and Eucalyptus globules.

Before the next planting session, the BoHU teams will first check on all the trees, we have planted since the project inception. We will not be known to just plant trees. We want to make sure the trees grow. We want to ensure the cause gets to where we want it to go.

Starting May 10, Beacon of Hope Uganda team will embark on a search for all the trees that we have given to children and youth since the campaign started.

We shall reward all children, youth and groups that have managed to take care of the trees we gave them with green certificates, tree tags and prizes. We are sure these rewards will be worth their efforts towards taking charge of their environment.

The village to village move will go on up to June 5 World Environment Day and its on that very day we shall launch our 2016 planting #hashtag #tentrees.

This activism will include visiting various schools, youth groups, farmers groups, new and old one, we have worked with before and using the #hashtag #tentrees, each participant and or groups will be given ten tree seedlings to plant as an appreciation to tentree and also as a commitment to environment conservation.

All participants in the Trees for Youth Development “Phase two” under the #tentrees hashtag will take photos of their two open hands (raising ten fingers) to raise the awareness and share them on BoHU and our partners and supporters online/print platforms.

Thank you tentree, thank you 4-H Million Trees Project.