Gap Year Volunteering in Uganda

Gap year volunteering experience with Beacon of Hope Uganda will help you make a meaningful contribution to the rural and under-served communities of Uganda. Volunteers will assist in serving the many Beacon of Hope Uganda community development projects. Volunteers will be connected and fully placed in BoHU Orphanages, Schools, Outreach Programs, Water and Sanitation projects, Building and Construction projects, Childcare projects, Environment Conservation, Administrative tasks, Crafts projects, women empowerment projects, Youth empowerment projects, Income generating ventures, Micro-finance projects, Teaching placements, Healthcare and medical service and Sports, games, music, dance and drama projects.

Gap Year Volunteering
Gap Year Volunteering

Experience the best that a gap year in Uganda can offer with Beacon of Hope Uganda. This gap year program in Uganda offers a great mix of community and environment conservation activities for those volunteers that are keen to take on a challenge and support our ongoing projects. Whether you stay with us for 2 weeks, 1, 2 or 3 months, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference through sustainable, life-changing project work that will improve the lives of rural communities, and at the same time take on personal challenges as you trek mountains, Gorrillas, Chimpazees and other wildlife adventure safaris.

 Gap Year Volunteering
Gap Year Volunteering

Beacon of Hope Uganda gap year and volunteer projects provide a perfect balance between fulfilling community work, skills development, adventure, travel and fun.

We also design programs for groups in our volunteering opportunities that are designed to give you the chance to fully immerse yourself and become part of a community in a different culture, off the beaten track. The exact nature of project work depends on you, what you want to do and the skills and talents you have to share. We recognize that not everyone wants to stand up and teach in a classroom, but there are so many different ways in which you can get involved. You could be coaching sports, running after school clubs, renovating school buildings or getting involved in the wider community. We give you the flexibility to make the project your own, to use your initiative and develop your skills whilst helping others.

Gap Year Volunteering
Gap Year Volunteering

Our Costs:

 Since we are not a profit making organization and we are not middle –man but the community itself which you will be serving we offer, low cost affordable volunteer programs in Uganda.

Booking Fee:

After you have been accepted into the project by the volunteer coordinator, then you will have to pay a non-refundable $100 booking fee. Since we started, the numbers of volunteers applying has increased by each year. Unfortunately only a third of those who promise that they will come, have in fact arrived. The wastage in volunteer coordinators’ time and the fact that volunteers who could have come were refused due to holding the space for someone else who didn’t turn up, has forced us implement this. We hope that by implementing the fee, only serious volunteers will thus secure the chance to volunteer in our projects.

The booking fee will go towards paying for communication expenses incurred by the coordinators to keep in touch with you and the projects, and website maintenance. You will be given 3 weeks to pay from the time of acceptance.

Program fees:

1 week- USD$200

2 weeks-USD$300

3 weeks- USD$400

4 weeks- USD$500

The program fees can be paid upon arrival or before departure for proper preparations of your placement.

Additional Fees: USD$ 85 Airport pickup for arrival paid upon arrival.

Program fees covers:

  • Pre-service (e.g. culture, health talk, program orientation, training etc);
  • 1 day sightseeing guide fee around Kampala or Jinja, Equator, world heritage sites, (e.g. game parks, zoos, museums, rivers etc)
  • Accommodation, Laundry and food during placement with a host family or volunteer house (3 meals a day);
  • Transportation to the project site from BoHU base in Mukono
  • Regular follow up support
  • Support for local staff and volunteers;
Gap Year volunteering
Gap Year volunteering

When a volunteer arrives in Uganda, our Coordinator meets them at the airport and brings them to our orientation place in Mukono. From that point our volunteers spend between 1 to 3 days in our orientation program. This training provides volunteers with a very detailed understanding of how to be acquainted in Uganda’s Life and culture.

The program fee excludes the following:

  • Airfare, Visa and Visa extension fee
  • Transportation during weekends travel
  • Personal travel and sightseeing (trekking, jungle safari etc);
  • Internet access, telephone, drinks or other costs accrued during training and placement;
  • Gifts to project staff and host family, if you wish to buy any;
  • Should you wish to spend more time in Uganda pre and post placement period, please remember to budget accordingly!
  • Travel and medical insurances, immunization, health expenses;
  • You will also need a weekly budget of up to US $50-100 to cater for all your other expenses.

Want to Apply?

Great thanks for choosing Beacon of Hope Uganda

Please send us your resume, attach a photo, skills and interests and how long would you like to stay in Uganda and which project interests you, we shall get back to you within 48hours.


What To Expect From The Volunteer Program

Once you arrive at Entebbe International Airport, you will be met by Isaac Ssamba himself and be transported to Mukono. While still in Mukono the next day you will be able escorted to the bank to exchange currency and take care of any other personal needs before leaving for the villages.

All meals are prepared by house help and volunteers helps out with the cooking at the house. All water is boiled for safety and bottled water may be purchased in the local village shops. House staff is available for laundry services and other assistance you may need. While they are paid by BoHU, a small gratuity is appreciated. Please note, laundry is done using very strong locally made soaps and manual washing.

A typical work day begins with breakfast around 8 a.m., from 9am working in your volunteer program until lunch around noon, continuing work until around 4 p.m., time for tea, relaxing with your volunteer companions or evening discussions with the locals, and discussing the activities of the day and planning for tomorrow. Dinner is served around 8 p.m.

Teaching Volunteer Program
Teaching Volunteer Program

The house has enough electricity and running water. Water for hygiene needs is boiled and provided as needed.

Weekends and Uganda national holidays are free time. Remember, in Uganda, events and schedules are not always on time as many villagers do not have watches or clocks.

 Choosing a Volunteer Program

Health Care Volunteer Program:

Working with our health team on the BoHU Mobile Clinic Program, caring for the terminally ill, helping expectant mothers, and assisting with administering medications and other hygiene needs. Medical training and education are helpful but not always required.

Education Volunteer Program:

Teaching in local schools, assisting teachers, caring for disabled children at special needs school, teaching music and dance at performance arts schools, teaching art in primary and secondary schools. Math Science and Geography are strong subjects and teaching opportunities are available in these subjects as well.

English is the language of instructions, however Luganda is the local language and most children speak it until English is learned. Uganda schools operate on the British system of education.

Teaching experience is not required, just the desire to help children learn.

Women Empowerment Volunteer Program
Women Empowerment Volunteer Program

Community and Social Development Volunteer Program:

Working within women’s cooperative and helping women in the villages with their craft projects; instructing adult educational workshops; business experience or training is helpful but not necessary. Building additional classrooms and repairing current dilapidated school building, construction skill are not required, anyone can help.

Other Volunteer Program:

While these are a few examples of how you can volunteer, you may have other skills and interests that fit your goals and expertise more appropriately. Your volunteer ideas are welcome, contingent on logistics and host village approval.

Please note that instead of choosing one of these possibilities, you can also ask us to find you a position specifically tailored to your interests and experiences.

Medical Volunteer Program
Medical Volunteer Program

# Medical students, nurses or doctors are invited to work with our health Team in the BoHU Mobile Clinic Program. We gained a lot of experience in our health services to the rural communities. The volunteers work closely together with local staff and in many cases can assist in minor surgery at a local referralHospital. The actual work the volunteer will do is decided locally by health staff. Please note that the local medical situation is very much unlike western conditions, making this position an exceptionally challenging one.

# For small NGOs, bookkeeping courses and management trainings must be set up. Lots of small organizations have fantastic ideas and great people working there, but not a lot of experience in paperwork.

# ICT assistance such as website building for local NGOs or local government. A real challenge, since equipment is never up to date, and one has to be inventive to deal with power cuts and the like.

Email us:

Volunteer and Immerse Yourself in the Ugandan Culture

If you are interested in participating in our volunteer and cross-culture exchange program, write to us and we will work with you to identify your best placement options in Uganda.

Our Volunteer Program is an immersion program customized for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups, or anyone with the desire to serve in rural villages in Uganda. The timetable you travel, your village destination, and the projects you may be involved with are all geared to your skills and interests, and the villages’ needs.

The program is collaboration between Beacon of Hope Uganda and the under-served rural villages. We are committed to meeting the needs of our communities, and to placing developmental volunteers in programs that provide safe and meaningful experiences.

Volunteer in Uganda
Volunteer in Uganda

Because it is an immersion experience, days in the villages allow for a variety of opportunities. And whether you work in a clinic, school, or orphan home, participate in building or agricultural projects, or simply assist in the day-to-day tasks.

Beacon of Hope Uganda works closely with each volunteer to ensure comprehensive preparation, including both an understanding of the people with whom you will be working, and all considerations necessary for travel overseas.

Are you interested in being a volunteer, but would like more information?

Contact our team and let us know what your hopes are for your volunteer experience, and we will assist you in planning a meaningful and fulfilling journey.

More Information about the project:

Program Length: From 1 week to 6 months

Program Date: Flexible Start & End Date

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8 hour per day

Accommodations: Volunteers House

Meals: 3 meals are provided everyday

Age requirement: 18 years and above

Costs: USD$

  1. Week – $200
  2. Weeks -$300
  3. Weeks -$400
  4. Weeks -$500
  5. Weeks -$700
  6. Weeks -$800
  7. Weeks -$900
  8. Weeks -$1000

Placement Booking: $100

Airport pickup: $85

We don’t charge application fees, we screen applications first, before accepting them into our program, but once accepted, all programs attract a Placement Booking fee $100 paid in 7days of acceptance in the program