Volunteers at Beacon of Hope Uganda – Volunteering in Africa

Beacon of Hope Uganda (BoHU) has many opportunities for volunteers. If you’re interested or talented in a specific area, we most likely can use you! We strive to provide volunteers with a holistic outlook on issues such as poverty and international development. Beacon of Hope Uganda is proud to work amongst various faiths and backgrounds, diversity reflected in our volunteers and the communities in which we work.

Volunteers at Beacon of Hope Uganda
Volunteers at Beacon of Hope Uganda

Volunteers at Beacon of Hope Uganda are involved in a range of tasks that involve different aspects of our programs. Volunteers at Beacon of Hope Uganda will attain hands-on experience in teaching or care-giving. Volunteers who choose to stay longer at Beacon of Hope Uganda will be involved in NGO-specific administrative work and general management of the organization. Beacon of Hope Uganda aims to equip volunteers with enhanced knowledge of how a grassroots, education- and- Community Development focused NGO functions.

Beacon of Hope Uganda volunteer positions are available year-round. If you would like to make a meaningful contribution to the work BoHU does, we invite you to join our team of volunteers from all around the world!

Our Volunteer Program is an immersion program customized for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups, or anyone with the desire to serve in rural villages in Uganda.

Volunteers at Beacon of Hope Uganda
Volunteers at Beacon of Hope Uganda

Beacon of Hope Uganda provides international volunteers with meaningful affordable placements in Uganda. Our programs include 1 week to 24 weeks placements all year round. We offer one of the most affordable program options and placements in orphanage, healthcare, HIV/AIDS, teaching English, women empowerment, construction and community development.

If you are interested in volunteering with us here in Uganda, please contact us for more details:

E-mail: beaconyouths@yahoo.com

Website: http://beaconofhopeug.org

Travel with purpose! Volunteering abroad Uganda

Experience meaningful travel while working hand in hand with local communities. With destinations across Uganda, Beacon of Hope Uganda specializes in reliable and challenging international volunteer placements in Uganda that make a real difference in local communities.

Travel with purpose! Volunteering in Uganda programs allows you to experience a country in a different manner than any other travel opportunity. It provides a fun adventure packed with rich ingredients that will not only make you feel good, but will improve the lives of others. Volunteering provides real work experience that will build skills and offer something substantial to employers. It might even change your life!

Volunteering abroad Uganda - Beacon of Hope Uganda
Volunteering abroad Uganda – Beacon of Hope Uganda

Build an international social and job network like no other: Meet other volunteers, and work with local citizens and professionals also striving to make beneficial improvements to their communities.

Now Beacon of Hope Uganda is an experiential learning program that combines international travel, inter-cultural exchange, adventure, volunteer community service work, and home stays.

Beacon of Hope Uganda addresses critical local-Ugandan issues by providing meaningful and sustainable volunteer service to local communities, and investing in the local economies and people. The continuous, year-round service that Beacon of Hope Uganda provides creates opportunities for cultural exchange, promotes education, childhood development, and healthy living; encourages domestic volunteering and awareness of community needs; breaks down stigmas and stereotypes; and improves quality of life.

Volunteering abroad Uganda - Beacon of Hope Uganda
Volunteering abroad Uganda – Beacon of Hope Uganda

Volunteering abroad Uganda with Beacon of Hope Uganda is the experience of a lifetime, where you are choosing service as a means of learning about other cultures, global issues, and making a positive impact on communities abroad and at home. But the positive effects of volunteering abroad Uganda with Beacon of Hope Uganda don’t stop when you return home.

As a volunteer with Beacon of Hope Uganda you will:

  • Gain new perspectives and insight into another culture and yourself.
  • Experience another culture and country at a deep and personal level from the inside out.
  • Gain hands-on experience that will distinguish you on professional level for career development.
  • Make a positive impact on the community in the areas of education, childhood development, healthcare, and other social services.

Required Volunteer Qualifications

No qualifications necessary, other than the ability to speak English. Minimum age to volunteer independently is 18 years old for the Volunteering abroad Uganda program. We also encourage families to volunteer, where the minimum age for children volunteering is five years old. We also accommodate both large and small groups. A volunteer must have no physical disability and ready to come and offer his or her time in Uganda.

Beacon of Hope Uganda is rated in the top 10 Volunteer & Adventure Travel Programs in Africa. Beacon of Hope Uganda allows you to combine meaningful volunteer projects with action-packed adventure travel into the ultimate life-changing experience.

Volunteering abroad Uganda - Beacon of Hope Uganda
Volunteering abroad Uganda – Beacon of Hope Uganda


Beacon of Hope Uganda provides affordable International Volunteer in Uganda Programs. Since its formation, Beacon of Hope Uganda has provided great volunteering experience to over 900 volunteers from around the world. With a vast variety of volunteer programs at only $16 per day, you will always find a program that matches your needs.

 Our volunteers work in orphanage, teaching, medical, construction, day care centers, and conservation and street children programs around Uganda from 1 week to 24 weeks in duration.

We are committed to provide you with affordable and truly amazing volunteer abroad experience. Come join our meaningful international volunteer abroad Uganda programs and change the way you see the world!

E-mail us: beaconyouths@yahoo.com and ask for the application form

Website: www.beaconofhopeug.org

Teaching Volunteer Work in Uganda

Nursery and primary schools level provide classes to children aged 3yrs-14yrs. A volunteer can help with teaching English and other subjects. Teaching experience is not required. You can begin as a teaching assistant and then work in small groups with children in need of extra attention.

The objective of this Teaching Volunteer Work program is to contribute to the academic development of the school in order to provide the best opportunity for the orphans to receive quality education. Volunteers support the local teachers; encourage students to learn and play and instill pride in their schooling.

Teaching Volunteer Work
Teaching Volunteer Work

School terms vary from year to year but are approximately as follows: February 1 to April 30, and May 20 to August 30, September 15 to early December. Volunteers can assist with the physical upkeep of the school; painting, decorating, mending desks etc. Most important volunteers should try to develop activities/programs that can be sustained in the future. Prior teaching experience is not required; volunteer simply need an open mind, caring spirit and a compassionate nature.

More Information about the project:

Program Length: From 4 weeks to 6 months

Program Date: Flexible Start & End Date

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8 hour per day

Accommodations: Volunteers House

Meals: 3 meals are provided everyday

Age requirement: 18 years and above

Costs: USD$

  1. Week – $200
  2. Weeks -$300
  3. Weeks -$400
  4.  Weeks-$500
  5. Weeks -$700
  6. Weeks -$800
  7. Weeks -$900
  8. Weeks -$1000

Placement Booking: $100

Airport pickup: $85

We don’t charge application fees, we screen applications first, before accepting them into our program, but once accepted, all programs attract a Placement Booking fee $100 paid in 7days of acceptance in the program

Contacts: beaconyouths@yahoo.com

Website: www.beaconofhopeug.org