Beacon of Hope Uganda Begins 2017 with News of Grant Award

Beacon of Hope Uganda is honored to announce the receipt of a grant award from Lions Club of Hamburg – Harburg in Germany, and the support goes directly to fund our Hope Mixed Farm and the Livestock project and the profits from the project will go to support vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty under our programs at The Hope Centre. The support came through with the support of our great partners howareyou– in Germany.

Livestock Project - Beacon of Hope Uganda
Livestock Project – Beacon of Hope Uganda

The grant award will allow BoHU to cover the cost of the livestock program and help the children we currently serve!

The key objective of the program centers on Building sustainability of the organization.

At Beacon of Hope Uganda we believe long term success begins and grows at the community level.  With the intent of reducing donor reliance, we have introduced various projects aimed at raising an income for operational expenses of the school and the Hope Centre in general. We have introduced the livestock farm project, food growing project and other projects will be introduced soon. At the moment our sponsorship program provides funding to 100% of all school attendees

The livestock farm project will provide milk, food, eggs for the children and an income for the centre.  This would allow The Hope Centre to embark on an income generating venture to bring a sustainable income to the school and in turn fully support the orphans and vulnerable children.

Livestock Project - Beacon of Hope Uganda
Livestock Project – Beacon of Hope Uganda

This farming project includes a chicken/egg production building that will house 500 chickens, a pigsty, a goat’s house, a heifer kraal and a caretaker’s room and a store. At the Hope Centre there will be a ready  garden for a variety of vegetables to be harvested on a regular basis.

The surplus produce that will not go to feed the vulnerable and orphaned children will be sold in the local markets for additional provisions.  This livestock farm initiative is a win-win situation because it will allow the children to enjoy a more nutritious and varied diet as well as a badly needed income to support other expenses from the school.
We are so grateful to our friends at howareyou from Germany

Thank you always our donors and supporters.

Kindest regards,

Isaac Ssamba

Executive Chairman


Update from the Field January- October 2013


In 2011 Isaac was part of a short-term development mission to Kasala- Kyampisi sub-county, Mukono District – and made a return visit to Kasala in early 2012. He used teaching and farming skills to demonstrate animal husbandry and ‘zero grazing’ to the rural community as well as working with the local community on various social problems.

With donations from Beacon of Hope Uganda he was able to buy one Friesian heifer and give it to selected families in the village, he also bought 5 exotic breed of pigs, which he donated to other selected families. Another of the practical aspects that Isaac did was working with BoHU development Team to start its operations in Kasala.

Since then follow up visits have been on-going within the community and several other community members have joined the BoHU-KYAMPISI DEVELOPMENT MISSION 2012-2015

After networking with friends in Germany, a working relationship was development with Afrika- Rise (a nonprofit venture supporting grassroots projects in Africa) through Ms. Sabine Gorg (BoHU Germany Ambassador). With assistance of Afrika Rise, funds were raised to purchase 2 acres of land which were needed to establish a Community Social Centre (THE HOPE CENTRE), one more acre of land was donated by the community and now the facility has 3 acres of land witin Kasala.



After funds were raised, plans were designed for the intervention process and BoHU started meeting with all stakeholders (community members and leaders on various levels to come up with the solutions).

The people of Kasala identified their hardships as being caused by poor education; lack of farming knowledge; lack of money and access to it; and poor health to which BoHU added poor environmental management.

Isaac in a community meeting

These 5 hurdles provide the foundation stones of all BoHU activities and it has projects aimed at targeting all aspects. BoHU believes in a holistic approach to poverty and other daily challenges. BoHU believes that if poverty is to be alleviated, all the problems need to be tackled at once.

Beacon of Hope Uganda’s understanding of ‘Sustainable Development’ is development which focuses on the social, environmental and economic factors which play a determining role in tackling poverty. They do such in a way that ensures a development for the existing community that does not affect the ability of future generations to enjoy the same opportunities.

The BoHU development philosophy is based on the saying: “help people to help themselves” BoHU wants to give them the tools, the knowledge and the spirit to get this process started. Enhance self-respect and motivation. Ownership and a taste of positive change and success can change a spirit and a life forever!

Intervention Starts:

In January 2013, a team of volunteers from Germany, and Afrika- Rise led by Isaac (the Executive Chairman at BoHU) visited Kasala and met again with the community members for the final planning process and it was agreed the organization starts with a school for little children who couldn’t walk 10km (to-and-fro) to the nearby government aided school. There is another school operating in Kasala and its run by a charity, but this school reached its full capacity and it took only 360 children from the community and talking with the Directors, showed there is a big need of more children who would like to attend to this school but they can’t afford taking on other students.

Afrika Rise at the Land

But due to limited resources, the construction of the school was delayed and the community members identified a building nearby which could first cater for the children as the construction was going on. In beginning at was planned that construction begins as early as late January but due to lack of funds the construction did not begin till July.

The children started using the building near the centre and 60 children were registered in the beginning. A volunteer teacher from the community was identified and she started offering her great services to the children for free. She was later joined by another volunteer teacher within the community and during the month of January and March, the school was visited more than once by the volunteers from Germany and U.S.A who promised to offer their assistance in any way possible.

Children at the BoHU school
Children at the BoHU school

This team along with Isaac and Team BoHU established an on-going program of help for the people in and around Kasala in early 2013 and together they developed a fund in the name of BoHU Kyampisi Development Fund

Isaac, Sabine (Germany), Jim (U.S.A) and other BoHU team members, while in Mukono made connections and arranged some training for family planning, healthy water management systems in many schools around Mukono town.

Through what Isaac considers divine intervention, he was joined by Frontier- U.K (a U.K based environmental and social development organization) which was willing to send volunteers to help in all aspects of the development of the programs in Mukono and around Uganda run by BoHU. Volunteers from France, U.K and U.S.A have come and worked alongside the Ugandan team on various development projects.

In faith, Isaac promised the community of Kasala, a health-centre and well established nursery and primary school and water sources. After the established of the school, Isaac has managed to attract several volunteers from all around the world to come and visit these children and offer support, through buying of daily food needed, sponsoring children and playing around with children.

Isaac thanks God, as the money to construct the first building of the center was raised through savings and donations from volunteers who participated in the Summer-Work-camps of July and August. When the July team arrived, their first task was to participate in the Kids Go Green Campaign which was going to run in 10 schools around Mukono and later join the local community members to dig and start the construction of the facility. This team played a big role in making sure that this facility becomes a reality for the people of Kasala. The volunteers came from Australia, Scotland and Great Britain. The building was constructed up-to the window level on one section and the other part was still on the foundation level by the end of the first work-camp.

3D Ariel View of the Proposed Centre
3D Ariel View of the Proposed Centre

In late July other volunteers joined the work-camp from Switzerland and also worked tirelessly on the construction of the first building of the facility, the volunteer from Switzerland helped in feeding the children at the school for two months. In late July, through the generosity of an Australian volunteer, he raised enough money through friends and church and the badly needed completion of the building to the beam-level was realized.

The First Building under construction
The First Building under construction

Volunteers through Frontier- U.K and other independent sources from all around the world have continuously visited the centre being established and the school and continued to give support in various ways, including fundraising ideas and many have promised to help out in one way or the other.

Current state of the building
Current state of the building

The BoHU Kyampisi Development Fund is currently running in one village of Kasala in Kyabakadde parish, Kyampisi Subcounty, Mukono District and it’s running three programs: Education, Healthcare and Microcredit Project. 

Beacon of Hope Uganda is promoting rural development focusing on sustainable agriculture, Early Childhood development education and local women business development. By assisting and empowering women set up micro businesses, establishing a nursery school for orphans and disadvantaged children and construction of a community health clinic; in this way we help turn their words and aspirations into projects that can help deliver what is needed to assist in the holistic process of change. The community understands that no single project is going to alleviate their poverty at once but that a number of projects will have a lasting positive impact and ought to provide them with the tools to defeat poverty.

The mission is now well established.  We will be looking for and encouraging people come and work along-side us in strengthening this program.  A Strategic Plan 2014-2015 has been developed and will be adopted by BoHU stakeholders in late December.

Between August and October, we have hosted several volunteers who have helped us continue with this work.  Volunteers have come from Germany, U.S.A, Australia and Great Britain.

BoHU has also identified a secondary school within the community of Kasala and the BoHU Team has promised to offer assistance to it. Now they can attract volunteers interested in working alongside the youth to come and teach and do several activities with them. BoHU is grateful that already volunteers from Australia and U.S.A have worked with this secondary school in this October.

Another volunteer from U.S.A has also offered two months of teaching English, Art and other social skills to the children of the nursery school and several plans have been developed to see the improvement of the schools and we need more support to realize this.

BoHU Supported Projects:

 Kamwenge Project

Although BoHU main focus for 2013 has been to Kasala village our volunteers have not been restricted to one project, they have got an opportunity of visiting and working along-side other projects, BoHU established or which it supports in other areas. A team of Australian volunteers was placed with our Kamwenge District based projects and several developments and connections have already been established. The team worked on refugee projects, schools, health center and women groups and a marketing plan is being developed back in Australia and Germany (where the volunteers have connections). A successful fundraising was established by the volunteers to help in construction of a community school which was run down by rain, leaving over 300 students with no classrooms. Another fundraising is going on to buy mats for the refugee children to get them a place to sleep at night.

Kawanda Children’s Home

BoHU continues to support this home of 20 children is various ways including placing volunteers there to help in making connections for it and also raise more needed funds to run the home. BoHU is grateful for its Project Managers there for the love they show the children and the efforts made in making sure these children get education. Though there still some children in need of sponsors, BoHU is grateful for the support already offered by past volunteers to these children. Volunteers from Israel, Mexico, U.K and Scotland have been at this facility and worked along-side the children. Continuously BoHU sends day volunteers to work with these children and also learn their day-to-day needs.

Rakai Project

 Rakai being one of BoHU first and well established projects has continued to receive support from various corners of the world and several projects have continued to be developed and also being completed. BoHU is grateful that at last the roofing of the long-awaited roofing of the girls’ dormitory finally was completed and now the team is looking for the funds to complete the final touches on the building. This building will also work as the vocation section of the school. A relationship with Isaac’s efforts was established with a Dutch based foundation PUM and a senior expert visited the facility for 2 weeks and this connection has seen the project getting more support and funds for the establishment of an ICT center, which will help the students and the community members.

Isaac led a team of volunteers from Germany (Engineers Without Borders) and they made an assessment of the potential support of a water source for the school and which will also serve the nearby community. A team of engineers is expected to visit this project in early January to start the start the drilling and installing of water tanks at the school.

Buikwe school Project

In Buikwe BoHU volunteers during the first week of Kids Go Green campaign, carried out a tree planting campaign and several trainings on how the keep our environment clean and manage it well. Volunteers have continued to visit the school and work with them and also offer teaching skills. We are still looking for funds to support the Micro-credit program for farmers there and also to support the team there. Some funds were raised and it went directly into the improvement of the school facilities there and buying some scholastic needs for the children.

Kampala Refugee Project

BoHU has been supporting this youth venture through capacity building for close to two years and several volunteers have visited this facility. Though still struggling to get well on its feet, plans have been developed to make it self-sustaining and most recent a volunteer from Germany organized a literacy program for them and also training on capacity building and international law on refugees. There are several proposed projects and we hope with connections which will be made next year, a lot of improvements will be made.

Kyampisi Youth Poultry Project

Late last year 2012, we send in our application for a grant support from Tzedek, a U.K based funding organization and early January 2013, they wrote back inviting a full proposal. With the help of a volunteer from Germany and U.S.A, Isaac was able to write a proposal which was later funded to start the youth poultry farm. This project is run by 30 youth, who were formerly unemployed. BoHU is so grateful to Tzedek for this support and we are looking forward to work with them on more projects in the future.

More Needs at Kasala:

Though we have managed to achieve lots of things in Kasala this year, lots still need to be done. We are still in need of funds to complete the first building of the Hope centre. More funds are needed to purchase desks and school basic necessities, like teacher books and day to day running of the school. We have established gardens near the center and in surrounding neighborhoods to provide food for the children next year, but we are still in need of extra support.

We wrote an application to Keeping the Blues Alive (a U.S based organization, requesting for musical instruments and we got a positive response from them and we are expecting them early next year to help us establish a music program next year).

We promised the secondary school in Kasala that we shall stand with it in looking for funds to establish a dormitory and we have started on working on that project by engaging volunteers into the school and to learn more about the needs of the schools, hence making connections for them for extra support.

We plan to start a campaign to support teacher Maureen and Justine at the nursery school to find ways of financing their services by a monthly allowance. We are looking forward to work on this with our volunteers; these people need only $40 each a month to continue their tremendous work with these little angels. If we could only find only 8 people, each donating $10 per month, we can keep teacher Maureen and Justine at the New Hope Children’s Academy.

We need computers to establish our youth computer training program, we need more toys for children, we need shoes for the children and we need reading books for the children. We would like to establish our community library next year and we are also looking for books.

Future Plans:

We are so grateful for our friends in U.K and Australia for the idea they have brought to register Beacon of Hope Uganda as a charity entity in their countries. We invite people to give them more support and encouragement to make this a reality and we have hopes, by the year 2014, Beacon of Hope Uganda will be operating with direct connections in U.K and Australia.

Vote of Thanks

We want to thank those people who have already given into construction of the Hope Center, volunteers who have come here in Uganda to work with us on various projects, fundraisers who continue to help us whenever they are approached.

We would like to send our vote of thanks to the following people and foundations for helping us in all our work this year, without you, we might not have achieved what we have done. Thank you so much.

Ms. Sabine Gorg –Germany

Mr. Tomasz Zurek- Australia

Mr. Robert Scammell –United Kingdom

Mr. Jamie Carroll – Australia

Ms. Kazimiera Zurek- Australia

Mr. Peter Carroll- Australia (Not related with Jamie)

Ms. Kira Kranzusch- Australia

Ms. Debi Edward- Scotland

Ms. Cynthia Marton- Switzerland

Mr. Xaver and Mr. Felix- Australia (Youngest volunteers in BoHU’s history)

Mr. Jim Nichols- United States of America

Sarah Wasif – United Kingdom

Yaffa Serur- Israel

Sabrina Farell- United Kingdom

Katie Fell- United Kingdom

James Taylor- France

Denis Marton- Switzerland

Jeffrey Martin- United States of America

Volker Kitz- Germany

Sarah Whitney- United States of America

Sally Baldwinson- Australia

Jessica Harcourt- United States of America


Tzedek- United Kingdom

Frontier- United Kingdom

Afrika-Rise- Germany

Emily Sandall Foundation- U.S.A

International Initiative to End Child Labour- U.S.A

International Justice Mission- Uganda

Compiled by:

Beacon of Hope Uganda

Development Team-

On 28th October 2013