Peace building & Human Rights

Beacon of Hope Uganda has set up a number of initiatives aimed at promoting peace, justice, human rights and development through capacity building, and advocacy.

Our initiatives facilitate conflict transformation processes towards the realization of a peace and we working to contribute to conflict prevention efforts in rural Uganda.

Our projects creates an environment that enables conflict prevention, resolution and management through dialogues, elimination of long-standing points of conflict and sponsorship of peace poetry, peace and sporting activities, and peace art competitions.


It is estimated that five girls are trafficked from Uganda every week. Its believeable that 80 percent of all trafficked young girls face sexual exploitation and 30 percent are forced into labor.


Beacon of Hope Uganda is working towards preventation of trafficking empowering the girls out of extreme poverty and advocate for strong anti-human trafficking policies.


These girls are extremely vulnerable to falling victim to false promises of food and shelter, education, and work. Since only 1% of those trafficked are ever rescued, prevention is our priority. We work closely with our local authorities and immigration points to identify opportunities for rescue. 



Child labor is one of  the problems affecting the rights of children. Hundreds of children losing their childhood every day and working either in the hazardous or non-hazardous sector. The dreams of playing, singing, writing, reading for this mass has not been realized having their physical and psychological development affected by this social evil.


Beacon of Hope Uganda is carrying a campaign to end child labour in Mukono where the child laborers are flocking from rural villages within and surrounding districts like Kayunga and Buikwe. Some of the children earnings also become an additional income to the family without any ambition of education.


Beacon of Hope Uganda intervention helps in getting rid of social evils of child labor and get them to school, rehabilitation centers and other child development programs.