Partners & Supporters


  • Tzedek- Jewish Action for a just world- U.K
  • Afrika Rise e.V., Berlin, Germany
  • Frontier – UK
  • International Justice Mission- U.S
  • Change Tomorrow’s World- Canada
  • Go Volunteer Africa- Uganda
  • The International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL)- U.S.A
  • The Emily Sandall Foundation- U.S.A
  • Erbacher Foundation- Germany
  • A Daniel J Eldman Company- U.S.A
  • 4-H Million Trees Project- U.S.A
  • tentree International- Canada
  • Malters Hilft-Switzerland
  • Irma Pfeiffer Foundation- Germany
  • International Book Project- U.S.A
  • The Pollination Project- U.S.A
  • The National Gardening Association
  • The Muhammed Ali Center
  • Arm- In- Arm Volunteers- Canada
  • Kitchen Gardeners International- U.S.A
  • eudim Foundation for Social Justice- Germany
  • Rhodes Scholars’ Southern African Forum- U.K
  • Volunteering Solutions – India
  • RAKlife – U.S.A
  • Amaidi International – Germany
  • Adventures in Missions (World Race) – U.S.A
  • G.W Carver Elementary School – Arizona- U.S.A
  • Seed Money – U.S.A
  • ENVenture- U.S.A
  • Namazige Investments Ltd
  • Namazige Enterprises
  • Jambo Fund (Kootje Foundation)- Netherlands

Individual Supporters:

  • Ms. Sabine Goerg – Germany
  • Mr. Jamie Carroll – Australia
  • Ms. Cynthia Marton – Switzerland
  • Ms. Jessica Cheezy Chen- United States of America
  • Ms. Debbie Edward- United Kingdom
  • Mr. Robert Scammell- United Kingdom
  • Ms. Charlotte Campbell- Germany
  • Ms. Sophia Campbell- Germany
  • Mr. Edward Harrison – United Kingdom

We are also very grateful to all our volunteers, partners and supporters from: Uganda, Canada, Finland, Italy, Australia, U.S, U.K, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, South Korea and the rest of the world!


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