Go beyond tourist zones for the amazing fun and sightseeing adventure with our Tuk-Tuk & Boda-Boda tours. Cruise along streets via Tuk Tuk or boda boda to visit Uganda’s favorite places and to discover the side of Uganda wholly unknown to visitors.

This is one of the best ways to explore the Pearl of Africa – Truly off the beaten track. Take the more scenic routes that only the locals know about.

Package Description

Beacon of Hope Uganda creates alternative ways to enjoy the Pearl of Africa in a more fun, intimate and eco-friendly fashion. Our Tuk-tuk and Boda boda tours are offering visitors the chance to get under the skin of Uganda’s best undiscovered adventures.

Explore the beautiful cultural, markets, villages and historical venues in Uganda or off the beaten tourist path in the countryside in a tuk-tuk or boda boda. We try to build custom personalized tours so they will be as unique and will deliver the necessary comfort, safety, entertainment and ease to fully enjoy Uganda.

We work  to exceed our customers’ expectations through outstanding service. You will truly capture the spirit of Uganda.  We love Uganda and thus we would like to share our passion with the rest of the world.

After (or during) your tuk-tuk or boda boda tour experience, we make a stop over at one of our sustainable community development projects we run for a few hours (usually between 30mins -3hrs) to give you an opportunity to make a difference.

This is a very unique opportunity that offers flexible and meaningful volunteering opportunities for anyone enjoying one of our tour/safari package. You can even choose to volunteer longer!

We are offering a wide range of volunteering packages from few hours (for those booked into our tours & safaris).  We are very flexible on what assignments we give and we always want to get you back to your adventure trip.

We are very open for innovative ideas on new activities and this is the best opportunity to volunteer and make a difference for just few hours or just one day. Click below to book this package.