Beacon of Hope Uganda offers unique guided camping nights & backpacking tours in Uganda for families, couples, and travelers like you.

Our guided camping nights and backpacking tours take you into the heart of amazing wild destinations of Uganda. This is Uganda’s finest wilderness camping adventure and backpacking escape.

Package Description

Our Camping and backpacking Tours range from 2 day to 6 days. We have a variety of tours to suit different ages and fitness levels. Basic Tents & Safari Tents are always available for hire.

Experience an overnight guided camp night and multi-day backpacking tours in the rugged wilderness and stunning landscapes of Uganda.

Travelers stay in the wild, pitch their tents in the wilderness and all-inclusive road trips with camping gear and off-road vans.

We take the hard work out of organizing your camping and backpacking tour as we plan with you the ultimate experience.

After (during or before) your camping and backpacking escape experience, you will follow it up with a meaningful day or multiple days volunteering experience, on at least one volunteer projects that we run giving you enough time to make a difference and get the full volunteering experience without compromise.

Most of Beacon of Hope Uganda’s astonishing ethical camping and backpacking tours provide holidaymakers with fantastic opportunities to contribute to sustainable development projects in Uganda and experience how their engagement in our tours and projects is empowering communities in need.

You will find yourself immersed in the beauty of Uganda, as you spend time connecting with local communities and experiencing what daily life is like in their locality.

Beacon of Hope Uganda is an ethical and responsible volunteer travel operator, we design all our packages with the host community in mind.

Keep in mind, we are always willing to customize the trip to suit your interest, time and budget. We arrange daily and weekend gateways for solo travelers, groups and families. Click below to book this camping and backpacking escape with us.