If you are looking for a perfect and memorable birding or fishing tour in Uganda, then you are in the right place! We organize breathtaking quality bird watching and fishing trips to Uganda. We have extremely knowledgeable local bird guides who will make sure you have a superb experience.

We arrange daily trips from few hours to several days in the marvelous beauty of Uganda. Tours normally start around 9.00 am but we are very flexible and you can combine the two activities.

Package Description

Uganda is an ideal birding and fishing destinations in the world, with varied habitats protecting a plethora of quality bird and water species.

Being the most popular country in Africa for bird lovers, not only to because of the unusually number of species recorded within its borders, but also because it offers easy access to several bird-rich habitats that are difficult to reach elsewhere.

Uganda has over 1,008 different bird species and the Shoebill is one of Africa’s most sought after bird. Mabira forest have over 312 species, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has 250 bird species, Budongo forest has over 360 species of birds including the endemic Yellow footed fly catcher and Illadopsis Puvelli, Murchison Falls National Park has 451 species  and Queen Elizabeth National Park is the leading bird watching tour park in Uganda of all National Parks with 606 bird Kidepo National Park with 475 bird species, Kibale National Park with 375 species of birds and so many other destinations.

Fishing tours and Spot Fishing is also one of the most exciting activities for visitors to Uganda. One day fishing trip also offers a magical sport fishing experience. If you have ever wanted to catch ‘the BIG one’, over 80kg Nile Perch- then this tour is the perfect for you.

Beacon of Hope Uganda’s full day fishing tour on Lake Victoria is great for relaxing as you sip your beer with friends. We arrange the most affordable birding and fishing expeditions in Uganda.

After (or before) your birding and fishing tours, you will follow it up with an optional meaningful day or multiple days volunteering experience, on at least one volunteer projects that we run giving you enough time to make a difference and get the full volunteering experience without compromise.