Nakagere Village Water Project

Nakagere village is situated in Mukono District 15 km north of Seeta town which lies at the main road from Kampala to Jinja. The village has app. 1000 inhabitants who exclusively live on subsistence farming. Nakagere can be reached only with private cars or motorcycle taxis. Thus the economic situation is especially difficult.

The water supply of the village people were two ponds downhill in a distance of several kilometers. These water places are accessible only by walking through small paths. They were unprotected and hygienically extremely insufficient. From there people carry the water for drinking, cooking and body care in 10 and 20 l jerry cans. This takes 2 to 3 hours per day reducing time for learning for students and work time for adults.

A 2002 implemented borehole with manual pump was out of order and couldn’t be used. After ten years of operation it needed a comprehensive restoration. The village people on their own were not able to raise the necessary funds.

The aims of this project were:

  • To improve the living conditions in Nakagere, to avoid rural exodus
  • Improvement of the health situation through improvement of water quality and reduction of accident risk.
  • Improvement of the conditions for education and gainful work by reducing the time needed to collect water and avoiding the accident risk.

On 28th- May- 2014, the two springs and a borehole were officially handed over to the community members of Nakagere and the event was officially graced by the Deputy Mayor of Mukono Central Division, Hon. Frank Ssekayiba, who urged the community to always take care of their water sources and also to value it as its not for the funders, or the German Representative of BoHU (Ms. Sabine) or the Beacon of Hope Uganda.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the village, an official from the Buganda Kingdom, Local leaders and journalists from several media houses.

Thank you to Erbacher Foundation – Germany for the support!