Mengo village is situated in Mukono District 25 km south of Mukono town which lies at the main road from Katosi landing site. The village has app. 3000 inhabitants who exclusively live on subsistence farming and fishing. Mengo can be reached only with private cars or motorcycle taxis. Thus the economic situation is especially difficult.

Hope Comprehensive Resource Centre


Beacon of hope-Uganda’s dream of expansion of its programs to provide enough facilities for the women, youths and children as well as increasing efficiency of its operations is coming to realization. Plans for a new comprehensive centre are on the table.

It will provide health care, counseling, education as well as vocational training and a production enterprise for both adults and the youth. The facility will include a comprehensive healthcare clinic, day care centre expanded vocational training facilities to accommodate more trainees, a new production department and a youth resource centre equipped with computers and research facilities.

Hope Mixed Farm


Recognizing the long-term physical, emotional, social and economic effects of malnutrition, hunger and poverty, Beacon of Hope Uganda places great emphasis on teaching children simple farming – growing organic fruits and vegetables namely, tomatoes, maize, beans, cabbage, onions, carrots, pumpkins, watermelons, mangoes and passion fruits. The children learn sustainable techniques and help seasonal work such as: planting, pruning, weeding, fencing, harvesting, building, and caring for cows, sheep, goats. The farm animals provide children with protein in form of meat, eggs and milk.

Academy of Hope – High School

Tirisano-Mmogo-Primary-School-RefurbishmentIn the process of improving access and quality of education for children in Mpatta subcounty – BoHU has drawn plans on table to establish a high school for the rural community of Mengo village, where children have to walk over 15kms to access the nearby secondary school.