Kasala Water Project- Spring Well Constructed

Beacon of Hope Uganda is working to upgrade a water pond in Kasala village into a protected spring well. This project is part of BoHU’s ongoing investment in clean water sources, as demonstrated by our successful projects in Nakagere village, Mukono district.

“’Water for Rural Communities” is a program launched in 2013 by Beacon of Hope Uganda and its main objectives are:

  • To improve the living conditions in rural communities, to avoid rural exodus
  • Improvement of the health situation through improvement of water quality and reduction of water borne diseases.
  • Improvement of the conditions for education and gainful work by reducing the time needed to collect water and avoiding the accident risk.

The water supply of the village people in Kasala is a pond downhill in a distance of several kilometres. This water place is accessible only by walking through small paths. Is completely unprotected and hygienically extremely insufficient. From there people carry the water for drinking, cooking and body care in 10 and 20ltrs jerry cans. This takes 2 to 3 hours per day reducing time for learning for students and work time for adults.

Upgrade of the ponds to protected spring well:

Where the water emerges from the ground a concrete basin is being constructed. To protect the water the basin will be covered. A pipe will release the water from the basin into the point of withdrawal. Concrete stairs will allow safe access to the pipe. Unused water is drained in a concrete ditch so that the jerry cans can be filled in a dry surface.

Training of villagers who are responsible for the water places in care and maintenance of the water facility:

During the first months after completion of the construction of the spring well, BoHU will together with the villagers and the already established water committee work out a plan for control and maintenance measures.

Going along with this they will also calculate the future maintenance costs so that the water committee can permanently collect funds and necessary measures can be conducted immediately. Two workshops each with two BoHU staff persons will deal with these topics.

Training of all villagers about water hygienisation techniques:

Depending on the achieved quality of the raw water further measures on household level might be necessary to assure safe use for drinking, cooking and child care. Three workshops will be held to inform and train the population about necessity and the options for water hygienisation. The options are sedimentation and filtration, solar disinfection, chlorination and cooking.

Kasala village is situated in Mukono District 15 km north of Mukono town which lies at the main road from Mukono to Kayunga district. The village has app. 1000 inhabitants who exclusively live on subsistence farming. Kasala can be reached only with private cars or motorcycle taxis. Thus the economic situation is especially difficult.

The existing water place is in a very poor condition. It is fed by ground water but without a confinement groundwater mixes with surface flow that is contaminated by excreta from cattle, sheep and chicken that graze in the surrounding. The poor water quality leads to frequent diarrhea diseases that can be life-threatening especially for children.

Currently access to bucket water is possible only on slippery trunks. This means a risk of injuries and there is a danger of falling into the water with all possible consequences. The water place is also frequented by young children and most of the rural people often cannot swim.

Thanks to all our supporters- RSSAF and our volunteer Tee Joo

Beacon of Hope Uganda

Development Team