Kasala village is situated in Mukono District 15 km north of Mukono town which lies at the main road from Mukono to Kayunga district. The village has app. 1000 inhabitants who exclusively live on subsistence farming. Kasala can be reached only with private cars or motorcycle taxis. Thus the economic situation is especially difficult.

Hope Children’s Academy School 

6783_991203690950447_6210714749995638207_nEducation is a priority,  it is one of the most important tools BoHU can give the children in order to break the cycle of poverty affecting their lives and to help them become independent adults. We build schools with villages that have historically had no adequate school structure – where students are squeezed into dark and crumbling mud huts, or are taught under trees when the weather permits, or have to walk multiple miles to a neighboring village, or can’t attend school at all.

Our methodology’s true power resides in the fact that BoHU classrooms are constructed in partnership with the very people who will be benefiting from them. Beacon of Hope Uganda through our volunteers provides the funding, engineering, materials, skilled labor and supervision.

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