Kasala Community Health Clinic

In 2011 when Isaac visited Kasala for the first time he received numerous requests from the community members to help them start a community clinic. He embarked on fundraising and construction phases in 2012 and in 2013 January he managed to raise enough money to purchase the 2 acres of land in the community and the community donated one more acre of land. In summer of 2013, he led groups of volunteers from U.S.A, Britain, Australia and Switzerland to start dig the foundation and construction of the facility working alongside the local Uganda volunteers. There is hope that the clinic with be ready and open its doors to the community in mid 2015 and it will offer primary and preventative health care services, dentistry, and the Field Patient Program to any and all who come in need of its care.

We wish to set up a Social Center (“The Hope Center”) in the middle of Kasala village in favor of its inhabitants and surrounding villages – to supply and support them for an independent life step by step. The plan is to construct 5 buildings with different functions, read more about the Hope Centre

At first this health center will be an outpatient facility that emphasizes prevention and education alongside medical treatment but in the future it will add on the inpatient sections. The facility will hold one consultation and two treatment rooms, a laboratory, and a pharmacy. The lab will have capabilities to perform comprehensive microscopic testing and rapid diagnostic tests for malaria, diarrheic conditions, diabetes, UTI’s, filarial (parasitic worm) infections, and beyond.

3D Architectual Visualization

3D Architectual Visualization

Solar power and water collection will allow the facility to operate independently off local power supply, which can be sporadic at best, and bio-digester toilets will be installed that convert waste into by-products usable as additional fuel.


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Field Patient Program

The facility will offer important medical referral and financial assistance to patients whose health conditions require them to seek outside treatment available only at specialized health care facilities or hospital settings – surgeries, chemotherapy and radiological exams are some examples.

The Field Patient Program will monitor the CD4 T-cell count of our HIV positive patients in the hope that by catching worsening illness in its early stages, drug regimen can be started to ensure the best long-term prognosis.

Inside the Health Centre room

Inside the Health Centre room

Mother and Child Wellness Center

At the health center we shall open up a section offering comprehensive family planning services, treatment of malnutrition, and vaccinations. Forms of contraception will be available at MCWC including those offered through our Family Planning Education and Outreach Program, plus additional methods such as IUDs and long term implants which require a clinical setting for implementation.

To help with fundraising for the completion of this facility, please contact us: beaconyouths@yahoo.com