With the increasing discontent with giving blind to a charity with little knowledge of where your donation goes; BoHU offers a way to ensure your money ends up where intended. You choose your project, and visit it to ensure that the money has been spent the way you wanted. Through limited red tape and administration costs your money in full goes to the people that need it.

Support using your skills

If you think that you have skills that could help us, particularly in building, fundraising, teaching, healthcare, agriculture, project management and any other skill you think might be useful to the people we serve and can donate your time then we would like to hear from you.

Donate funds for our projects

We never have enough funds to do everything we would like to achieve so whatever you can give would be appreciated. Please see the contact us page for details of where to send your donation.

Spread the word

Even if you cannot help us personally your friends, family or business contacts might be able to. Please therefore spread the word about what we are doing. If you have a website put a link to BoHU with a brief tag line such as “Empowering rural communities, changing lives!“.

How It Works

  1. Contact a BoHU Trustee in Uganda choose a suitable project (e.g. a water well, school funding, outreaches, community clinic etc)
  2. Finalize your donation budget and intended project.
  3. Send the funds and arrange a field trip to review the success.
  4. Travel to Uganda and see what difference you have made staying with the people you have helped (you can combine your field trip with a holiday too)