Hope Children’s Academy

Hope Children’s Academy- (Daycare, Pre-school and Primary School)

Education plays the central role in escaping generational poverty. It’s been estimated that for every year a child stays in school, their future earning potential increases by 10-20 percent. Unfortunately, many families in poverty consider education a luxury and even those who value it can find it difficult to afford.

The Hope Centre is providing education through Hope Children’s Academy and family support services to orphans, vulnerable children and low-income families living in Kyampisi subcounty. The Hope centre established in 2013 has broad community support and operates in buildings owned and maintained by Beacon of Hope Uganda.

Hope Children's Academy

Hope Children’s Academy

We believe that the children and families we serve need not only the programs that we offer, but the support to develop the tools to become self-sufficient when they are no longer enrolled in our programs. We are dedicated to enhancing families’ self-sufficiency and providing children with a foundation to be successful.

The Hope Centre provides breakfast, lunch and snacks to all enrolled children. The Hope Centre is a non-discrimination agency.

The goal of Hope Children’s Academy is to empower communities and reduction of poverty through a combination of education, nutrition, healthcare and income generating activities.

We believe every child is a special little person with unique talents and abilities. We work hand in hand with the community to provide children with the opportunity to explore their potential and truly shine!

Early childhood is an essential time for development. We have integrated lots of hands-on materials that allow students to experiment with reading, writing, music and art.  Children benefit from computer classes and a unique skills training program that aims to equip children with valuable skills and instill a life-long love for learning.

Hope Children's Academy

Hope Children’s Academy

Sponsor a child

For just $100 per year you can sponsor a child and help break the cycle of poverty.  We will send you a sponsor package with photos, information and a letter from your child. And, if you wish, you can correspond directly with your child.  Sponsorship provides

  • Quality education from caring and attentive teachers
  • Small class sizes (many schools in Uganda have student teacher ratios 1:100 or more)
  • Skills training that goes beyond the classroom
  • Two nutritious meals per day
  • The chance for a brighter future

Building sustainability

At Hope Children’s Academy we believe long term success begins and grows at the community level.  With the intent of reducing donor reliance, we have introduced various projects aimed at raising an income for operational expenses of the school. We have introduced the livestock farm project, food growing project and other projects will be introduced soon. At the moment our sponsorship program provides funding to 100% of all school attendees

Hope Children's Academy

Hope Children’s Academy

Why Hope Children’s Academy?

In Uganda, most people living in poverty are children. Poverty denies children their basic human rights. To reduce poverty we believe you should start with children.

One in four pre-school and primary children is underweight for their age; two in five are physically or cognitively underdeveloped (World Bank). Malnutrition diminishes a child’s ability to perform in school and increases the incidence of infectious disease. These factors make it difficult for a child to escape poverty.

Our school provides education, nutrition and immunizations to 100 orphans and vulnerable children.  We offer preschool, kindergarten, primary 1, primary 2 and primary 3 classes.  Parents are directly involved in operations and work cooperatively in the school garden in exchange for low-cost or free tuition.  School gardens provide children meals as well as cash crop, which support our model for local sustainability.

Health Care

Kasala Community Clinic will open its door to the population of Kasala in mid 2018.  The clinic will provide maternal care, basic healthcare, immunizations, first aid medication, HIV outreach, family planning, and emergency ambulance services.

Hope Children's Academy

Hope Children’s Academy

Family Support Program

The family support program was introduced to help families earn an income to pay for their children’s continuing education.  Families attend classes to learn the fundamentals of livestock husbandry and microloans and are then awarded the gift of a goat, a pig or a microloan.  In turn they pass the first offspring from their animal to a neighbor in need, thereby continuing the circle of sharing. Other community programs include, adult education classes, the women enterprising team, and the skills training program and talents nurturing program.

The school garden

The food garden is few meters away from the school and covers about 3 acres. A small stream runs along the bottom of the garden. All the children help with the different tasks, each choosing the activities they like best. The children know all the local varieties being grown and how to save seeds from each one.

Intercropped in the garden are two varieties of green amaranth, eggplant, corn, onions, cabbages, gooseberries, carrots and manioc. Papaya, pineapple, avocado, jackfruit and mango grow around the perimeter and in the middle of the garden. All of the harvested food is used for school meals, and surplus is sold and the profits used for school expenses.