Hope Children’s Academy and Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

Beacon of Hope Uganda runs orphanage/children’s centre at The Hope Centre in Kasala village, Uganda. With limited staff, resources and facilities, we are struggling to provide care, love and support to these lovely children. Being hugely understaffed, we have few learning or extra-curricular activities. Beacon of Hope Uganda through its domestic and international volunteers is able to provide the facility with support and help. These could be in the form of improving the existing facilities, assisting the staff, teaching and helping with the general running and administration of the school and children’s centre. Volunteers usually help in refurbishing existing buildings, improving facilities, teaching Basic English, drawing, drama, conducting games etc.

Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

At this children’s centre and school you are typically greeted with big hugs, toothless smiles and children curious to touch and get your attention. These children are here due to poverty, disabilities, and homelessness and also as the only way to attend school. You can make a lasting difference in these young lives. You can care for children in many ways. Often no special skills are required, as volunteers are needed to spend time playing, reading, exercising and share time with the children. Since we are short-staffed and the volunteers’ attention gives the children the extra love they need.

The need is expansive and long-term, so your opportunity to make a significant difference through service is likewise immeasurable. You can help expand and maintain daycare facilities or help conduct recreational activities, swimming lessons, teach classes and serve meals. If you have first-hand experience working with children with disabilities, professionally or personally, your expertise can be especially useful in this project. No matter what your age, background, gender or ability, you can be a valuable resource to demonstrate the universal language of love, compassion and make a difference to the children’s’ lives!

Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

Placement duration: 1 week minimum

Placement Location: Mukono, Uganda

Placement Booking Fee: USD$ 100 (Paid Upon acceptance in the Program)

Airport Pickup: USD$85

Placement Fee:

1 Week -USD$200

2 Weeks – USD$300

3 Weeks – USD$ 400

4 Weeks – USD$ 500

(Covering 3 meals a day, Accommodation, Water and Ground Support)

E-mail: beaconyouths@yahoo.com

Website: http://beaconofhopeug.org

Volunteer Life

BoHU Volunteers enjoy an extremely unique experience not only in the work they do but also in the atmosphere they live in.  The BoHU Headquarters are housed at The Hope Centre in Kasala village and this serves as our center for logistics, administration and daily meetings.  Volunteers are housed at the Mukono Travelers’ Home and this allows volunteers to get to know each other better outside the work-site and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

The hard work volunteers put in during the week undoubtedly warrants some fun and relaxation during evening free time and on the weekends.  During the week we organize a variety of activities for volunteers in the evenings.  We often play football (soccer), cards and board games or chill out around the bar or go out for a dance getting to know fellow volunteers from around the world.   Musical ballads are known to break out from time to time as well as the always entertaining pub-quiz nights.

Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

Yet one of the biggest perks of volunteering in Mukono lies in the plethora of weekend outings we organize.  BoHU is located just 60 minutes from either Jinja or Kampala where day tours can be organized to visit the source of the mighty river Nile, white water rafting and Mabira forest which showcase incredible biodiversity, including hundreds of birds and nature walks.  No matter what your interests, there is always something for everyone to enjoy!


Mukono Travelers’ Home

Beacon of Hope Uganda started Mukono Travelers’ Home as a place to host volunteers and to start offices for the organization. The guesthouse consists of one big house with kitchen, bathroom and living room and “live in maid” room. The home is primarily aimed at volunteers, but others are welcome to stay (expats, tourists and travelers of all sorts).

The home is a great place to hang your hat and rest your weary bones and to enjoy fascinating Mukono and surrounding towns.

For volunteers, it is a place to relax after the intense experiences of the day, and to discuss these with other volunteers. From the home, we can help arrange trips and expeditions around the country including wildlife safaris, mountaineering, white water rafting and so many other activities.

Volunteers staying at this home are assigned a bed based on capacity, arrival time and length of stay. All beds have good mosquito nets and you don’t need to bring your own sheets etc. All income from this facility is used to support the projects of BoHU and other humanitarian projects.

Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

Children’s Centre- Volunteering in Uganda

Accommodation at this home is in dorm rooms, accommodating up to 20 people when full. There are between 2-4 beds per room depending on the size of the room and the time of year you come (off-season there will commonly be 1-2 per room). The emphasis at the home is placed on a relaxed friendly family like atmosphere.

Most people who stay here are travelling alone and so it gives an opportunity for people to live with and make friends with other travelers and volunteers. We offer a safe and family-like environment in which to come to Uganda and give your time. We offer pre-arrival support by answering your questions about Uganda and by finding a project that best fits your skills and interests (if you are to volunteer).

About Author: Beacon of Hope Uganda
Beacon of Hope Uganda designs and conducts programs which contribute to the welfare and social productivity of disadvantaged individuals and communities with an emphasis on children and youth. BoHU addresses some of the most pervasive problems in rural Uganda, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, education, poverty, access to clean drinking water, and orphaned children. In addition, it focuses on empowering the youth of Uganda empowering them with different skills and leadership training.

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