The Hope Centre

The Hope Centre’s goal is to empower communities and reduction of poverty through a combination of education, nutrition, healthcare and income generating activities.

The Hope Centre is providing education through Hope Children’s Academy and family support services to orphans, vulnerable children and low-income families living in Kyampisi subcounty. The Hope centre established in 2013 has broad community support and operates in buildings owned and maintained by Beacon of Hope Uganda.

We believe that the children and families we serve need not only the programs that we offer, but the support to develop the tools to become self-sufficient when they are no longer enrolled in our programs. We are dedicated to enhancing families’ self-sufficiency and providing children with a foundation to be successful.

The Hope Centre provides breakfast, lunch and snacks to all enrolled children. The Hope Centre is a non-discrimination agency.

The Hope Centre- new proposed building

The Hope Centre- new proposed building

We are in the beautiful deep greenery of rural Uganda; a small village called Kasala, in the sub-county of Kyampisi… in Mukono district

….but the problems:

  • Difficult access to Medical Care and Education (next possibility lies 25 km away)
  • Poor Nutrition (e.g tackling problems of clean drinking water or sustainable agriculture)
  • Orphans or neglected children with difficult backgrounds (no future perspectives, lack of guaranteed safety)
  • Not enough resources and knowledge for agricultural work
  • Needed support for micro-financing projects (Lack of self-trust and knowledge for becoming independent)

When the Beacon of Hope Uganda opened its doors to the community of Kasaala, Kyampisi sub-county, Mukono District, we talked to the community members about what they thought were the issues that affected their lives and the problems they faced.

Our development philosophy is that the communities need to tackle the problems themselves; we want to give a hand up, not a hand out. Hand ups create self respect; self belief and the results are infectious.

The community identified their hardships as being caused by poor education; lack of farming knowledge; lack of money and access to it; and poor health to which we have added environmental management. These 5 hurdles provide the foundation stones of all our activities and we have projects aimed at targeting aspects of each. We believe that if poverty is to be alleviated, all the problems need to be tackled at once.

Our understanding of ‘Sustainable Development’ is that which focuses on the social, environmental and economic factors that are needed to ensure a development for the existing community that does not affect the ability of future generations to enjoy the same opportunities.

….our vision for this:

3D Visualization of the Centre

3D Visualization of the Hope Centre

We wish to set up a Social Center (“The Hope Centre”) in the middle of Kasala village in favor of its inhabitants and surrounding villages – to supply and support them for an independent life step by step. The plan is to construct 5 buildings with different functions:

“The Hope Academy” (2 buildings): Nursery- and Primary school should provide Education for up to 450 children during the week. On weekends, it is planned to use the rooms for teachings and community outreaches, such as raising awareness about hygienical problems and diseases, as well as organizing business trainings. Later in future, we also would like to extend the trainings to teaching in practical professions such as joinery, tailoring or hair dressing, to later on include them actively in the life of the Social Center itself.

A Health Clinic: Starting on the bases of a pharmacy that provides medical supplies, we want to develop the clinic up to a medical standard of Level II. This clinic will be able to also serve some of the surrounding villages, taking the number of helped people to around 4600.

Orphanage / Dormitory (2 buildings): The first residence will serve the workers and especially teachers at the Social Center to assure their reliable availability and reducing problems of accessing the Center. The second building will be a safe shelter for orphans / disadvantaged children, who will be supervised by teachers, but especially by so nominated “Mama’s” of the village community.

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