Fashion Design Project Starts

As part of our Women Empowerment Program, Women Enterprising Unit and After-School Program, BoHU currently facilitates an innovative fashion design program in Kasala at The Hope Centre that teaches women and youth to knit, sew, and make jewelry, bags and shirts and pants.

The proceeds go directly back to supporting the fashion design program, which will eventually, provide steady income and job opportunities for unemployed, undereducated women in the Kasala and sorrounding villages, allowing women to sustain their families

Supporters can be “Green,” Gorgeous, and Generous when they buy BoHU’s multi-colored necklaces (made from recycled paper) for only $5.00.

Supporters can wear their commitment to Africa’s next generation by sporting one of our vibrant knitted handbags! Each bag is $10.00

Several marketing outlets will be opened up soon and we are looking into initiating online stores. At the moment we are looking at establishing a show room/shop at The Hope Centre, where we shall assemble our finished products.

To order your product today, email us:  with your name and the Bag Id Number. Within 3 business days, we will contact you to arrange payment and shipping of your bag!

Next year, BoHU hopes to partner with student organizations at college campuses throughout the Europe and North America who can support us by selling our products at campus rallies, events, and fundraisers.

E-mail us: