Emily Sandall Min Grant Recipient 2013

Beacon of Hope Uganda Selected as 2013 Spring-Mini Grant Recipient by The International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL) and the Emily Sandall Foundation (ESF)

Following formal announcements on Emily Sandall website & IIECL website, BoHU is excited to officially announce that we were selected as a recipient of a grant for a campaign to end child labour in Mukono District. With this grant, BoHU will provide non-formal education services through the Hope for Children’s Village School for out-of-school children during the summer months (July and August). The education services will be provided by experienced teachers and psychosocial counselors with the objective to motivate the children and enroll them back into school. T-shirts and educational materials will be provided to target 450 children. During the After-Campaign part of the project and supported by the government, skill-oriented training will be provided for older children, such as painting, book binding, screen-printing, greeting card making, etc.

Emily Impression: Emily worked hard with children in Mexico, Nepal and the USA to motivate them through creative and active curriculums to keep them in school. She would really like this project.

Under the leadership of BoHU Executive Chairman- Isaac Ssamba and Team BoHU Outreach Director- Lilian Nakamya, “The Campaign to End Child Labour in Mukono District” is a 2-months project.

The project will launch in July 2013 and will be done in collaboration with teams of international and local volunteers who will be working with us in July and August that will inspire community action and global dialogue.

BoHU is honored to be among the 2013 spring-mini grant Recipients, especially since more than 70 other groups and individuals from Africa, Asia and Latin America applied to the fund. For the full list of grant recipients, click here

In the coming months, BoHU will be posting project updates on our website, Blog and social media networks. So, check back soon to hear about the progress of this project!

Beacon of Hope Uganda

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