BoHU Health Team

Healthcare is neither easily accessible nor affordable for many Ugandans living in the rural villages. Beacon of Hope Uganda strives to improve the health conditions of children and adults in rural communities through various programs. By running mobile dental and medical clinics alongside health education workshops, we help to improve healthcare conditions in hard to reach areas.

People in villages face health concerns that diminish their ability to improve their lives whereas the quality of health influences the quality of life for any individual and subsequently impact development for a community. HIV/AIDS, Malaria, childhood illnesses such as measles, tetanus, parasitic diseases and malnutrition devastate communities. HIV/AIDS in particular has caused immeasurable damage. Large numbers of HIV-related illnesses and deaths from AIDS have had a particular impact on education and agriculture, overburdening community resources. At Beacon of Hope Uganda, our health care intervention is focusing on prevention and less on treatment. We do this through community health talks in villages and local schools.

Village Health Talks Outreaches (VHTO):

Village Health Talks is an innovative and grassroots approach to addressing rural healthcare and public health in rural communities of Uganda. Its goal is to improve the provision of healthcare and of preventative health education to underserved populations across Uganda. Our nurse, health counselors, social workers and international volunteers conduct rotate in villages teaching basic health tips.

BoHU Mobile Clinics Camps (BMCC):

BoHU mobile clinic camp is a Program of providing medical service to many people in rural areas of Uganda. Many people cannot access medical services due to remoteness of some village and many cannot afford to pay for treatment. Many people die of malaria caused by mosquitoes. Children die of worms and Diarrhea and malaria as well. With professional BoHU nurses and counselors, BoHU organizes trips to these villages to provide medical services.

Childcare Programs

In this activity we provide malarial treatment, mosquito nets, dressing cuts (wounds) and provide de-worming tablets to children as well as providing free condoms to the youth- in order to avoid the increasing habit of re-using their condoms. This project saves many people’s lives especially the poor ones in rural communities of Uganda and the islands. Much as a lot has been done; there is still a need to increase on medical supplies due to high rates of sick needy people.

How to Help!

Volunteering- You can apply to participate in our healthcare program as a volunteer

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