Volunteer Travel, Humanitarian Service and Rural development


Wanderlust Safaris and Tours specializes in organizing tailor-made budget tours for backpackers, families, intrepid travelers and volunteers. Uganda is one of the most beautiful safari destinations on earth.

The Hope Centre

The Hope Centre is providing education through Hope Children’s Academy and family support services to orphans, vulnerable children and low-income families living in Kyampisi subcounty.

Mukono Travelers' Home

The home is a great place to hang your hat and rest your weary bones and to enjoy fascinating Mukono, and plan your trips around Uganda. Volunteers, travelers and tourists are very welcome to stay.

Beacon of Hope Uganda provides volunteers with meaningful affordable volunteering in Uganda placements. Our volunteering in Uganda programs include 1 week to 24 weeks volunteer work placements all year round. We offer one of the most affordable volunteer program options and volunteer placements in orphanage, healthcare, HIV/AIDS, teaching English, women empowerment, construction and community development.

Beacon of Hope Uganda family of organizations has grown beyond The Hope Centre into a multi-faceted group of profitable and non-profit ventures, established by Isaac Ssamba. Most of these organizations have central operational offices at the Mukono Travelers’ Home in Mukono town, Uganda or at the Hope Centre in Kasala village, Mukono, Uganda. Beacon of Hope Uganda started to diversify in 2009 when it started placing volunteers and interns into partner organizations. In 2013, these diversified interests started growing into separate organizations and projects, as the volunteers for partners’ program became Go Volunteer Africa and the orphans and education support program became Hope Children’s Academy School.

Volunteering in Uganda - Volunteer Projects
Volunteering in Uganda – Volunteer Projects

There are two main arms of Beacon of Hope Uganda – Charity and Trading arms.

Charity Arm: The Hope Centre in Kasala

Areas of focus: Education, Agriculture, Health, Environment and Community Development

The charity arm designs and conducts programs which contribute to the welfare and social productivity of disadvantaged individuals and communities with an emphasis on children and youth. BoHU addresses some of the most pervasive problems in rural Uganda, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, education, poverty, access to clean drinking water, and orphaned children. In addition, it focuses on empowering the youth of Uganda empowering them with different skills and leadership training.

Mission: Providing resources to achieve sustainable development in under-resourced areas through effective community education and the development of projects, creating a self-supporting, self-sustaining community.

Trading Arm:  Volunteer Travel, Hospitality and Investments

Areas of focus:  Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Technology

Volunteering in Uganda - Safaris in Uganda
Volunteering in Uganda – Safaris in Uganda

The trading arm of Beacon of Hope Uganda has been developed by Mr. Ssamba with a goal to help the organization raise income to support its work. The arm has a portfolio of leading online volunteer travel industry products, including: www.volunteeringuganda.org  and www.govolunteerafrica.org

The company owns, operates and invests in volunteer travel industry, clean energy, real estate, tourism, entertainment, construction, events management, retail, financial services and hospitality. With investments within Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, the business arm is becoming one of the leading ways, the organization is raising money to fund its operations and on its way to self-sustainability… ReadMore